With all of today's access to technology and screens, it's basically impossible not to compare yourself to other people on TV, or in magazines, or on social media. Lately, I have noticed a trend of articles and videos about what certain models or celebrities eat in order to maintain their way above less than average figures. For some reason, listening to what other people eat is interesting, and I'll be the first to admit that I'm guilty of paying attention to it all the time.

Most girls would love to look like a supermodel, so they start looking at supermodels' diets. Honestly though, you really should not care what supermodels eat.

They are Literally Paid to Look a Certain Way.

If someone is loading millions of dollars into your bank account for you to eat half of a diet bar and a detox tea for breakfast, then I totally understand why you're doing that. Or if you are going to be on a billboard in your underwear, then yeah I get why you may want to try and not reach for that sixth cookie. Otherwise, why would you ever need to follow such a strict diet like some supermodels do? Let's be real — the odds that you stick to whatever diet they're doing are slimmer than the Victoria's Secret models you want to look like. Don't be so hard on yourself. If you were paid to be hot you would probably eat healthier and workout more too. I know I would!

Every Body is Different. 

Just because someone eats a certain way and gets a certain result does not mean that your body will react the same way. This concept goes for if they're on a strict diet or if all they eat is junk food. If a model claims she eats dessert all day and pizza five nights out of the week and still manages to stay super slim, the same might not apply to you. There could be an infinite number of factors: she could have a fast metabolism along with good genes (and no, I don't mean these jeans) although she very well could have those too.

Additionally, if someone swears by an extremely low carb/high protein diet, that doesn't mean your body will respond the same way. Every body reacts to certain diets in different ways. It's tough to say what works for them will necessarily work for you. 

The Way Supermodels Eat isn't Always Healthy.

There are plenty of models who eat healthy balanced diets, but many of them, unfortunately, don't. Eating so few calories isn't sustainable, and it can lead to more harm than good. You probably don't need to strictly eat lean protein and vegetables every day of your entire life. While certain diets can obviously be more conducive to fat loss, those eating habits aren't always suitable to your lifestyle. Just because a model adopts an extreme dieting lifestyle in order to walk down a runway in her underwear, does not make it the right choice for you. 

If you're preparing to walk down the runway in your underwear, then by all means pay attention to what supermodels eat. If not though, try to not be too concerned over it. Remember, honey — you're flawless.