With health trends and fads coming and going, we are all looking for ways to have a healthy, balanced diet. With Miranda Kerr's diet, maybe we can all walk in the next Victoria's Secret fashion show. 

We can all take note from Australian model Miranda Kerr, who is committed to her health and fitness regimen to keep her body in tip-top shape. So, how does she do it? Even though she holds a 10-minute plank every day, Miranda is a believer that abs are made in the kitchen.


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Kerr starts off every morning drinking hot water with lemon. Lemon water is said to detox your body by balancing pH levels, stimulate your digestive tract, and aid in weight loss. She follows with a cold pressed juice—her favorite contains kale, spinach, cucumber, and celery.


After her juice, she will either have eggs or oatmeal, but usually eggs because "eggs are easy." She accompanies her breakfast with a protein shake. Her secret recipe? In an interview with Vogue, Kerr said the smoothie consists of chia seeds, goji berries, and raw cacao. She also throws all her vitamins in there so she doesn't have to take them all separately. #Multitasking 

Lunch & Dinner

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Kerr usually keeps it simple for lunch with a salad and chicken but, she will occasionally add a side of fruit. This meal plan was crafted by her former trainer Justin Gelbrand. He swears against salt and suggests "to stick to the boiled, steamed, and grilled dishes." For dinner, she usually has some sort of lean protein with either quinoa or brown rice.

One of her favorite dinners is “Quinoa salad with chicken cooked in coconut oil and turmeric, with a spinach and walnut salad.” 


Snacks are essential to keeping us fueled and balanced throughout the day. Snacks are a very important part of a model's diet, as they have long days of photoshoots and need to keep energized. 

Kerr's favorite healthy snacks are organic almonds and blueberries, half an avocado with sea salt or Fuji apple pieces with almond butter and agave.  


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Kerr told Your Fitness: "Sometimes you can't avoid eating something that isn't so healthy if that is all that is on offer, but I try to make sensible choices most of the time, so I don't give myself a hard time if I have something a little naughty." A balanced diet is one that consists of the occasional dark chocolate treat.

Miranda Kerr is a great image of someone who lives a balanced and healthy life, someone we can all take notes from.