Fear not, all you food lovers on the hill, you finally have an excuse to talk about food all day long. Spoon University is welcoming you with open arms, so bring your appetite and join us. But let's not get ahead of ourselves—first some basics.

Spoon is a huge organization dedicated to all things food and drink. With over 150 chapters, we work to be a kickass food resource for our generation. Spoon is for students, by students and we need your awesome food knowledge to make it even more amazing. If you aren't sold yet, take a peek at the 10 reasons you should join the best organization ever:

1. You love food

Well, guess what? So does Spoon University. Now you have an actual excuse to eat, drink and be merry (not that you really needed one). Bonus: you'll be the first to hear about any new restaurants, so you'll always have the inside scoop.  

2. You want a career in writing, photography, filmmaking or marketing

Lucky you! Spoon University has positions so that you can do any of those things (even at the same time). Get some experience doing what you love, for what you love—food.

3. Spiff up that resumé 

Spoon University is still a baby at WKU, so that means you'd be a part of building the foundation. And after all, everyone needs some extra padding in their resume. Something that accomplishes this and also lets you grub with purpose seems pretty great to me. 

4. Get famous

Go on, get your name out there! With over 2M followers on Facebook, 16K Twitter followers and 317K Instagram followers Spoon University has the hookup for you. You might even end up on Huffington Post or the Food Network Snapchat, you lucky goose. 

5. Choose what you wanna write about

At Spoon University, you do you. Find something food-related and go for it. Joining Spoon means you can let your freak flag fly. You can write about everything from your favorite places to sip on a Blood Mary to your favorite hangover breakfast spot.

6. Make your own schedule 

Only have time to write two articles a month? No problemo. Want to do two a week? We're cool with that too. 

7. Bowling Green actually has awesome food

BG might be small, but what we're lacking in size, we make up for in flavor. Spoon University lets you go out, find these places and write about them. You're like the secret agent for all things food in Bowling Green. 

8. Meet other foodies 

College can seem like a big, scary, chaotic mess at first. Having friends can make a huge difference. So why not make some friends who share a love of food, just like you?

9. It's an excuse to take pictures of your food 

You might need another reason to take pictures of your food—other than being basic. Spoon University gives you the perfect out. Now you can snap those pics, and get credit for it. Double whammy. 

10. No more boring college dorm food 

Sick of the same old Ramen every night, or your go-to mac n' cheese? Well, now you can venture out of your dorm room and experience some local bites. You're welcome.

So there you have it. It might seem too good to be true, but we couldn't make this up. If you want to figure out how to hop aboard this food train, click here to apply.