It’s that time of year again. The time where some of your friends are graduating and leaving you forever to become “real” adults. Do you buy them a fancy gift that breaks the bank but leaves them with something to remember you by? Or do you make or buy them food that will satisfy their stomachs for all eternity? Food is always the answer. Always.

Here are the top four foods you can easily bring to the five or ten graduation parties you were invited to… or want to crash.

1. Chips & Guac


Photo by Kai Phillips-Lustick

Let’s start off easy. This is an effin’ piece of cake. Well no, it’s not cake, but you get the gist. Head over to Food Lion or Kroger to snag some low priced tortilla chips and a few ‘cados to get the party rolling. Everyone likes a good guac with a few diced tomatoes, onions, a dash of salt, sugar, and a pinch of cilantro. Boom. Check out this dope guac recipe.

2. Mac & Cheese Bites from JMU Dining Services


Photo by Alex Weiner

If you’re not interested in hiring JMU Dining to cater your friend’s party, you’ll have to go into stealth mode. I recommend going to an event on campus where JMU Dining Services is catering and stuffing a bunch of free bites into your fanny pack that you already conveniently own.

Stick them in the freezer then warm them up in the oven about an hour before the party starts. You’re welcome. Or you could just make these mac and cheese fritters.

3. Just the sauce from Jack Brown’s


Photo by

Your friend will love you forever if you gift them the magic sauce from Jack Brown’s. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Just go to Jack Brown’s, order some fries, and put a bunch in a plastic baggy with your friend’s name on it. You’ll be friends forever. Check out some other sauces you can make here.

4. Cupcake Company Cupcakes


Photo by Paige Stickevers

The holy grail. A little more pricey, but you’ll be the most popular kid in the ‘burg… at least until next semester. The flavors are endless, and they can be easily split to make sure everyone gets a taste of the deliciousness. Read why you need to go there ASAP here.

Do the right thing Dukes. Buy your graduating friends some delicious food and send them off into a world without the smell of dog food in the air.