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College, especially UC Berkeley, can get so busy, hectic, and stressful that we don’t have the time or energy to get together with our friends and relax. Bar crawls are a lot for our wallets (and our bodies) to handle, but we’ve found a pretty good alternative — movies and take-out.

Forget the heels and embrace your sweats. Instead of a GNO, have a girls’ night in and stream your favorite movie while you chow down on take-out delivered straight to your door, compliments of Grubhub. Whether you and your girls are de-stressing from studying, healing from a messy breakup, or celebrating the landing of a summer internship, you can’t go wrong with any of these pairings.



Photo by Karen Chou

These movies will have you on the edge, so you better hold on tight to your food! The Pesto Sauce Special Pizza from La Val’s and Terriyaki Burger with a side of curly fries from Burger Meister are great choices to munch on while your favorite action heroes triumph against the villains.



Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Even if you’re not an emotionally-attached movie-watcher, you’re going to want to eat your feelings away with these intense and heavy movies. What better comfort food than pasta? You’re in luck because Pasta Pomodoro cooks up some amazing Butternut Squash Ravioli and Shrimp and Asparagus Pasta that won’t noodle with your feelings.



Photo by Luna Zhang

We highly recommend pairing comedy movies with Mexican food, like the California Burrito from El Burro Picante. Things won’t get too messy when you all break out into laughter. Don’t worry about beans giving you gas, because the movie will already have set the carefree mood!



Photo by Irene Kim

This one’s for the daredevils out there — take your tastebuds on an adventure as well and order Tuk Tuk Thai’s popular Chicken Pad See Ew or famous Pumpkin Curry. You might want to add a Thai Iced Tea or two to wash down those fears…



Photo by Michelle Lin

In the mood for Disney or Pixar? A family-friendly movie calls for a family-friendly meal, so you can’t go wrong with ordering Chinese food. Potstickers from The Pearl House are great appetizers, and the garlic noodles with crab or lobster from Yang Chow Restaurant for just under $14 are a steal. Even better? The Chinese take-out boxes can also double as plates (you’ve probably been using them wrong this whole time).


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

If you’re not convinced by these combinations, there are still plenty of other options on GrubHub. Daily special pizzas from Sliver so you won’t have to trek all the way down to Downtown Berkeley, kimchi burrito or bibimbap from Crunch if you’re craving Korean food, and plenty of vegan options from Vegan & Tikka Masala.