As anticipation for the Super Bowl reaches an ultimate high, fans of both football and Taylor Swift are gearing up for a unique crossover celebration. With Taylor’s public connection to Travis Kelce, the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, Swifties are finding new ways to express their fandom while supporting the Chiefs in their Super Bowl journey against the San Francisco 49ers. While we can’t guarantee that Taylor herself will be in attendance (though many on TikTok speculate that she can get to Las Vegas after her Toyko show), her influence will undoubtedly be felt by fans across the globe as they gather to watch the big game and cheer on the pop star’s boyfriend. So, why not have your Super Bowl viewing party be Taylor Swift-themed?

Let’s start with decorations.

Across various social media platforms, Swifties are sharing their ingenious ideas to host the ultimate Swift-inspired soirée. TikTok user, malloryleerichardson, showcases her themed decorations and delectable treats, offering viewers a glimpse into the magical world that is the Taylor Swift fandom. From the glittery DIY sparkly red backdrop to the carefully crafted cupcakes sporting both a football and a mirrorball, it’s the perfect blend of football fever and Taylor Swift’s folklore album.

Oversized friendship bracelet garlands, a nod to Taylor’s Eras Tour, are adding a whimsy touch to the party ambiance. Although the garlands can be crafted in varying ways, such as with paper, plastic, balloons, etc., it’ll certainly be a staple to celebrate the big night. These garlands are adorned with letters spelling out iconic Taylor phrases like “In My Super Bowl Era” or “End Game.”

Next, the food!

Of course, no Swift-themed party would be complete without a delectable spread of Taylor-inspired cuisine. Swifties, like TikTok user, reaganbaylee, are flexing their culinary creativity with pun-filled dishes such as “No More (Sloppy) Joes” and “Now That We Don’t Guac.” Even veggies with ranch dip make an appearance, paying homage to a viral photo of Taylor enjoying a plate of chicken tenders, with "seemingly ranch," at a Chiefs game.

Get crafty with invitations and games.

Adding to the discussion of Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl parties, Evite hopped in to offer a helpful guide to the perfect invitations. In their engaging video, Evite shares a few different Taylor-inspired online Super Bowl invitations to send your guests.

For those looking to add an extra layer of fun to their party, Taylor-themed bingo sheets offer an exciting way to engage guests throughout the game. Opt for bingo cards featuring Taylor-coded circumstances such as “Chiefs score 13 points or more” or “Someone has a sign with a 22 on it.” TikTok user, swiftie.puzzle, created the ultimate “Swiftiebowl Bingo” for your enjoyment. For $6 you will receive access to download the bingo sheets for printing access, or you could create your own!

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, Taylor Swift fans nationwide are eagerly preparing to host their own Taylor Swift-themed parties. From glittery decorations to themed snacks and interactive games, these parties promise to be a celebration of both football and Taylor’s enduring influence on pop culture. So grab your friends, crank up the Taylor Swift tunes, and get ready to Swift into Super Bowl Sunday like never before.