Just in time for the Super Bowl, Fireball is releasing its very first cosmetic product.

Lips nationwide will be saying are you ready for it? as the Fireball Cinnamon Whisky releases its first-ever custom lipstick, Cinnamon Delight. The exciting new offering will never go out of style and is the perfect gift for football fans everywhere as tensions heat up ahead of the big game.

Fireball released a lipstick?

Cinnamon Delight features Fireball’s signature red color, along with its classic cinnamon flavor and aroma. Some fans will recognize that the name pays homage to a certain tight end and his choice of celebratory beverage from last year’s championship parade. 

Courtesy of Fireball Whisky

Plus, the red hue matches the red and gold color of both teams playing in Sunday's game, and the signature bold lip of a 14-time Grammy winning pop star who happens to be dating a certain guy on the Chiefs. (Yes, we're talking about Trayvis.)

"Inspired by their romance, earlier this year we jumped at the opportunity to transform Fireball's iconic red into a stylish game day accessory: Fireball Cinnamon Delight Lipstick,” says Danny Suich, global brand director for Fireball. “As the U.S.A.’s number one shot brand, Fireball knows a thing or two about what looks good on lips.”

Where can I buy the Fireball lipstick?

A bold addition to game day attire everywhere, Fireball Cinnamon Delight is on sale now for the affectionately easter-eggish price of $13.87. Whether you're in the stands or watching the big game at home on Sunday, sparks will fly thanks to Fireball's Cinnamon Delight Lipstick no matter how your team is performing.