February 4 marked music's biggest night. The Grammy Awards was a massive evening, seeing record-breaking wins for Taylor Swift, iconic moments from SZA and Victoria Monét, heart-warming performances from Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs on "Fast Car," and much more. Plus, Swift even announced a whole new album... so, sorry to anyone who thought Reputation (Taylor's Version) was on its way. Of course, there was another star making waves on the internet last night, and that was the Grammys food being served. Many users took to X to share their awe of the tables' charcuterie centerpieces. Of course, you can see some red wine on the table, too. That would definitely be my go-to pairing. Additionally, Grammys presenters and performers took home a particular swag bag which was full of fun snacks, kitchen appliances, home goods, and more. Here's what we know about the $36,000 Grammys gift bags. 

What was in the 2024 Grammys gift bags?

Of course, many brands are all vying for the eyes and influence of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars, and that includes up-and-coming food and kitchen items. 

Notably, Poppi, the gut-healthy, low-calorie soda brand is in the pack. La Croix is being pushed out of favor with this new trendy offering. 

Stars including Trevor Noah and Olivia Rodrigo got to take home some Living Prana BrainCakes Functional Organic Pancake Mix for all their "superfood" breakfast needs. You can try it for yourself for only $20. 

Additionally, some snack items included KUDO Protein Popcorn, Karma Nuts, Inaru Chocolates, Brownie Bites from Neiman Marcus, Sugarfina Candy, and NaturGeeks Bars. 

Photo via Wine Enthusiast

For all the kitchen appliance nerds out there, you'll be jealous to know that several stars walked away with a $79 sparkling wine opener

Of course, food wasn't the only thing in the bag, as luxury jewelry pieces, tech items, and even pet products were in the bundle. 

If it were up to me to make this bag... I would be filling it with thousands of dollars worth of kettle-cooked potato chips... and that's it.