There is a new soda in town, and her name is Poppi. She’s redefining what your beverage can do for you. Poppi is a prebiotic soda that’s infused with apple cider vinegar to keep your gut in check. Just one can per day gives you the ACV your body needs and gives you those sweet bubbles you love.

Poppi makes it easy to boost your immunity by also giving you a full serving of prebiotics in every can. These prebiotics help with digestion, immunity, skin clarity, blood sugar, pH balance, etc. and those are things we ~all~ could use a little help with these days. These cans are great to sip on while WFH or just binging the latest docu-series on Netflix.  

Poppi snagged a pretty sweet deal on Shark Tank Season 10 and has seen success ever since! Poppi is available in seven refreshing flavors — orange, blueberry, strawberry lemon, mango pineapple, strawberry rose, lime ginger, and peach tea. Each can has only 5g of sugar and 20 calories. You can get your 12 pack of Poppi on Amazon for just $35.99 with free Prime delivery.