Some watch the Super Bowl for football. Others — 99% of us — watch it purely for the world-renowned commercials and the iconic halftime show. From the legendary remote control commercial last year where we all went berserk over thinking someone turned the TV off to the ever-so-famous "puppy monkey baby" of 2016, these commercials have serious chokeholds on us. Super Bowl commercials call for all of our favorite brands and celebrities to make an appearance and advertise during the most streamed game of the year. This year, we were treated to a thrilling Usher halftime show, glimpses of Taylor Swift and Ice Spice watching the big game, and even new Beyonce music. In between the football plays, these were the funniest and cutest Super Bowl food commercials on the air.

1. Addison Rae for Nerds

The queen of social media, dancing, acting, and singing has been selected for this Nerds commercial. In a teaser, Rae is shown coaching a mystery NFL player in dance. It's been revealed that she's been helping the Gummy inside of Nerds Gummy Clusters find its groove. The end of the official ad features Rae snacking on a bag of Nerds Gummy Clusters

2. Kris Jenner for Oreo

Kris Jenner will star in her first-ever Super Bowl Commercial for Oreo. I know, we’re so excited, too. In a teaser, Jenner mocked the cookie-stacking technique that her daughter, Khloé Kardashian, got famous for doing. The commercial’s purpose is to make us feel nostalgic about the Kardashians and remember all of the iconic moments from the family over the last 15-plus years. The full ad follows the "Twist On It" campaign where people throughout history made decisions based on which side of the cookie their cream ended up on. 

3. Jenna Ortega for Doritos

Doritos knew what they were doing by featuring Jenna Ortega in its commercial this year. This is the first Super Bowl commercial where Doritos features Dinamita. In the commercial, her two abuelas, Dina and Mita, go head-to-head with someone who snatched the last bag of Doritos Dinamita chips. This action-packed ad could be the plot for a  feature film, TBH. 

4. Kate McKinnon & Pete Davidson for Hellmann's

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ mayonnaise commercial starring SNL alum, Kate McKinnon? In the 60-second ad spot, McKinnon is joined by her kitty who can "talk" and lovingly becomes social media sensation "Mayo Cat," who even dumps Pete Davidson. The commercial is focused around Hellmann’s “Make Taste, Not Waste” campaign and is hoping to inspire viewers to reduce food waste, an important cause to McKinnon. 

5. Jason Sudeikis for Michelob Ultra

Jason Sudeikis may be the star of football (soccer) comedy Ted Lasso, but that doesn't mean he will be joining any beach matches any time soon. Michelob Ultra's official ad also featured superstar footballer Lionel "Leo" Messi and former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino with a light beer in hand.

6. Chris Pratt for Pringles

Chris Pratt is donning a Pringles mustache à la Julius Pringles for this Super Bowl commercial. At least he didn't feel the need to bring out his bad Italian Mario accent for this ad...

7. The Beckhams, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Jelly Roll, Usher for Uber Eats

Uber Eats got some big names for their Super Bowl ad spot. Jennifer Aniston notes at the beginning, "In order to remember something, you gotta forget something else—make a little room." And the rest of the celebs follow suit. In fact, Aniston doesn't remember her Friends co-star David Schwimmer and Usher forgets he's about to play the halftime show.

While it's not in this final cut, Uber Eats was criticized for an earlier version of the ad where someone with a peanut allergy ate peanut butter and "forgot" what was in it. Many saw this as callous and unfunny, as allergies are no joke. Fortunately, this did get cut for the game day ad. 

8. Aubrey Plaza & Nick Offerman for Mountain Dew  

Aubrey Plaza is the only person who could ride a dragon while sipping Mountain Dew and still be unimpressed. We will be screaming "mother" the entire Super Bowl on her behalf, TBH. Of course, the ad turned into a real party when Nick Offerman joined the fun and crafted the coolest Parks & Rec reunion. 

9. Ice Spice for Starry

From premiering her signature Dunkin' drink during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards to being the face of Starry's Super Bowl ad, Ice Spice is our beverage queen. Plus, she definitely slayed her Super Bowl look

10. Post Malone, Peyton Manning, Dana White for Bud Light

Post Malone isn't just a paid actor. The "Sunflower" singer is genuinely a major fan of Bud Light. In fact, he even appeared in two previous Super Bowl ads for the beer. Overall, this rapper is a man of the people and a fast food aficionado. Plus, Posty sang "America The Beautiful" ahead of the game next to Reba McEntire who sang the national anthem. On top of a Post cameo, Denver Broncos fans will spot their beloved Peyton Manning and wrestling fanatics can see Dana White in the ad, too. 

11. Eric André for Drumstick

Surrealist comedian Eric André brought his trademark sense of humor to Drumstick. Featuring Dr. Umstick, André realizes he has a very strange seatmate. Honestly, I would much prefer a Drumstick as my airplane snack instead of the all-too-small standard bag of pretzels. 

12. Ken Jeong for Popeyes 

Howie, aka Ken Jeong, was frozen in 1972 (when Popeyes first became a restaurant) and has waited in his ice cave for the day that the wing was perfected. Howie begins his travels in the modern world enjoying his Popeyes wings and fearing the Roomba on his floor. Honestly, same, Howie. 

13. Sir Anthony Hopkins for STōK Cold Brew

You may know Sir Anthony Hopkins for his world-renowned roles such as Hannibal Lecter and Odin, but now you'll know him as the Wrexham Dragons mascot, aka the team owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Of course, his energetic mascot moves are fueled by STōK Cold Brew, the official Wrexham sponsor. As a lover of all things cold brew, I was stoked to see the love for good coffee during the big game.

14. LL COOL J for Coors Light

You'll never feel cooler than when LL COOL J runs a train through your house covering your living room in an icy blast. Don't worry, he's sharing tons of Coors Light... and he has a guy to fix said train through the house.

15. Scarlett Johansson for M&M's

Scarlett Johansson alongside former NFL players Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith are all "almost champions," but they still feel like winners with the help of the M&M's crew.

16. Ben Affleck for Dunkin'

In this star-studded Dunkin' ad, Ben Affleck and fellow Boston friends Matt Damon and Tom Brady are "The DunKings" dressed in head-to-toe pink and orange. Jack Harlow tells Ben, "I don't think you should do this," but he insists that he must show girlfriend Jennifer Lopez what he can do... musically speaking. Also, Fat Joe is in the sound booth. Admittedly, I do think these guys win the "Best Dressed" award when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. 

17. Jason Kelce for Frank's RedHot

Jason Kelce got ready for the game with the Super Bowl's beloved hot sauce, Frank's RedHot. Here, Kelce is putting the sauce on everything, including ice cream, pizza, yogurt, Nerds, and more. The ad also helps the Philadelphia Eagles player relive his viral shirt rip moment.

18. Martin Lawrence & Shannon Sharpe for Oikos Yogurt

Comedian Martin Lawrence and former Denver Broncos player and sports commentator Shannon Sharpe are on a lovely golf outing, but their cart ends up in the pond. However, with the help of protein-packed Oikos Greek yogurt, Lawrence actually lifts the cart right out of its stuck position. "You're buying me new pants," Lawrence says as he emerges from the water. TBH, would never eat yogurt on a golf course, I am more of a Cheez-It person, myself. 

19. Jeremy Renner for Silk

Jeremy Renner is a plant-based milk guy and showcasing the array of dairy alternative options from Silk. Breakfast at the Renner household must be a true delight...unless you're trying to sleep in, that is. 

20. Reese's

Will Arnett offered his voice for another Reese's ad, this time for the Super Bowl. During the big game, Reese's announced that their famous peanut butter cups will now have an option featuring a caramel layer. I am thrilled at the prospect of a new Reese's product, but I am simply more excited about the hula-hooping dog in the ad. 

21. Poppi

Poppi is coming for all of those mainstream soda companies with their healthier alternative. It doesn't hurt that this is full of cute Gen Z aesthetics, too. 

22. Lindt Lindor Truffles

Lindt kept it simple with no celebrity voices or cameos. Here, they show sweet scenes of self-care, blossoming relationships, and the iconic truffle chocolatier. It worked because now I crave chocolate!

23. Budweiser

Of course, what's a Super Bowl without the iconic Clydesdales?