At an average of $7 million, companies today spend more on a 30-second Super Bowl commercial than a low-budget movie. However, unlike movies, these advertisements have one shot to be watched by millions of Americans, to decide whether they’re a box-office flop or memorialized by Super Bowl commercial fanatics for years.

Like all other Super Bowl commercials, food Super Bowl commercials are searching to be remembered. With only 30 to 90 seconds to catch the attention of viewers, they often utilize a celebrity, create a compelling story, or start a unique catchphrase to push their product. Making the food look appealing seems to be put on the back burner, but gives some advertisements a leg up if they do it successfully.

Below are our top 10 food Super Bowl commercials of all time, none of them short of cinematic masterpieces, and all of them are sure to leave you hungry. 

1. McDonald's "The Showdown" (1993)

The vintage, sports movie feel of this commercial starring legendary Larry Bird and Michael Jordan draws you in immediately. The star power in this commercial, the hilariously absurd free throw game and Jordan’s sly comment to the viewers about how they might need to buy a Big Mac because “this is going to take a while,” make this an unforgettable Super Bowl commercial. 

2. Budweiser “Wassup?” (1999)

The infamous “Whassup” commercial is casual and laid back, just like drinking a beer on game day. Perfectly capturing the brand's target market and making a catchphrase that has lasted generations, Budweiser proves that ads don’t need to be major productions to be timeless. 

3. Pop Corners "Breaking Bad Commercial: Say. Their. Name" (2023)

This commercial perfectly demonstrated how to utilize a pop culture reference. Almost directly quoting the pilot episode of the TV show Breaking Bad, the original actors replace crystal meth with Pop Corners chips. The consistency with the show’s original aesthetic makes the satirical ad all the more impactful.  

4. Coca-Cola "Hey Kid, Catch!" (1979)

Arguably the most infamous food Super Bowl commercial of all time, Joe Greene and Coca-Cola might have started the era of cinematic food commercials. Not much was said in this simple scene, but the innocent exchange between Greene and his young fan had America in a chokehold, premiering over and over by popular demand. 

5. Pepsi "Two Kids" (1992)

Dialogue cannot always stand the test of time, but the sexy, summer day captured with gritty quality in this Pepsi commercial, starring Cindy Crawford, is nostalgic regardless of the year. Like a scene out of The Outsiders or The Breakfast Club, this commercial’s aesthetic is timeless. 

6. Snickers “You’re Not You When You're Hungry: Betty White” (2010)

America’s sweetheart Betty White only had two lines in this commercial but her funny rapport with the other guys on the team struck the perfect balance between hilarious and heartwarming. In this post-Betty-White world, this ad remains a reminder of her sweet and gutsy nature. 

7. The Farmer’s Dog “Forever” (2023)

Dog food commercials count as food commercials, right? There’s been a fair share of commercials involving dogs in the Super Bowl, but The Farmer’s Dog’s one last year might have been the best. This bittersweet story about the bond between a girl and her first dog leaves viewers wanting to do anything to ensure their dog has a long, healthy life.

8. Pepsi “Pepsi - Now and Then” (2002)

With song and dance numbers paired with unique costumes and sets, in this commercial Britney Spears took America through the decades with Pepsi. This jam-packed 90-second ad was a production like no other and its intricacies are still appreciated today. 

9. Cheetos & Doritos Flamin’ Hot “Push It” (2022)

There’s no way to describe this advertisement without realizing how bizarre the entire situation is: jungle animals started to sing Salt N’ Pepa’s “Push It” after eating Flamin’ Hot Doritos and Cheetos. However, its incredible CGI coupled with the goofy animal performance separated it from all the other out-of-pocket commercials out there. 

10. Planters “Baby Nut” (2020)

Nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotions in 30 seconds, the death and rebirth of Mr. Peanut took viewers on a wild ride. The adorable baby Mr. Peanut, the idyllic countryside, and his nonchalant attitude make this a hilarious and heartwarming restart for Planters.