Ice Spice and Dunkin’ have something new in the works for you to Munch (get it?) on. Rapper Ice Spice and Dunkin’ are collaborating this fall to create a new treat fit for the star herself, and hopefully, her name.

What is the Ice Spice and Dunkin’ collab? 

Ice Spice joins the ranks of Dunkin's best spokespeople with a new commercial with Ben Affleck. The two work together to try to create new drink and drink name.

"We gotta come up with a drink name, but it's not easy," Affleck says in the commercial, which premiered during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. "Nowadays with social media, the kids. It's gotta be authentic."

Photo courtesy of Dunkin'

Across the table from him is a nodding Ice Spice with a glorious iced Dunkin' beverage in front of her. "I'm a Dunkin' girl," she says. "Ice Spice? My fans are the munchkins?" Affleck is not convinced. But Ice Spice already has the name in mind, and it's perfect — the Ice Spice Munchkins drink.

Didn't Ice Spice and Dunkin' already tease this collab?

This collab was promoted on both Ice Spice’s X account and Dunkin’s Instagram, where Ice Spice proclaims “AMERICA RUNS ON MUNCHKINS” and Dunkin says “putting the ice in pumpkin spice.” Both posts show an image of a Dunkin’ munchkin wearing a necklace that says ‘princess.’ Both images also display the date September 13, the release date for the new iced and spiced treat.

What is the Ice Spice Munchkins drink from the Ice Spice and Dunkin’ collab?

The Ice Spice Munchkins Drink, now available at Dunkin, is a blend of frozen coffee and pumpkin munchkin donut holes (yes, the donut holes are blended into a drink) packed with pumpkin spice and caramel flavor. The whole thing will be topped off with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. It's sort of like the fall version of a cookies and cream shake. As she says in the commercial, Ice Spice's fans, called munchkins, are the inspiration for the glorious beverage.