The season three Ted Lasso finale is coming out on Wednesday, May 31. And while it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to one of my favorite TV series, all good things must come to an end. But at least that end can include snacks! In fact, snacks are basically a requirement. If you’re struggling to decide what to nosh on for the TV event of the year (sorry Succession fans, I have to live my truth), I’ve got the perfect guide. Here’s what to eat while watching the Ted Lasso finale, based on your favorite character.

Coach Beard: BLT dip

As evidenced by the Secret Sandwich Switcheroo, Coach Beard loves a good BLT. And who doesn’t? Just like Beard, the BLT is multifaceted, dynamic, and timeless. BLT dip is the ideal snack for Beard, because it’s a jazzed up, shareable version of the classic sandwich, perfect for a team leader.

Roy Kent: Ice cream

This might be a controversial pick, but I think ice cream is perfect for Roy. First of all, he always gets ice cream with his niece Phoebe. Secondly, just like Roy, ice cream can seem hard and cold at first, but becomes wonderfully sweet and melty with time.

Jamie Tartt: Pop Tarts

We all know Jamie Tartt loves…Jamie Tartt, so naturally his snack (almost) contains his name. Also, Jamie would totally crush some Pop Tarts for breakfast. But he would call them ‘Pop Tartts.’

Keeley Jones: Bacon-wrapped sweet potato fries

Keeley is sweet, salty, and loved by everyone, making sweet potato fries are the perfect snack for her. But, because she’s Keeley Effing Jones, we have to add a little something extra. I present to you, bacon-wrapped sweet potato fries! Or, as the British would say, bacon-wrapped sweet potato chips.

Sam Obisanya: Goldfish

Sam knows a lot about good food, and has even opened a successful Nigerian restaurant. But he would love the snack that smiles back, because:

a) Ted always tells Sam to ‘be a goldfish.’

b) Goldfish are the perfect TV-watching snack.

I'm sure that a food lover like Sam can appreciate the incredible cheesy flavor of these snack crackers. In other news, I just learned that Goldfish are called ‘Finz’ in the UK. Also, I found a blog devoted to chips. What a world.

Rebecca Welton: Hagelslag (Dutch buttered bread with chocolate sprinkles)

We all know that Rebecca loves a Dutch snack…I’ll leave it at that.

Ted Lasso: Ants on a log

Ted is known for his positivity, humor, and love of peanut butter, so ants on a log are his ideal snacking situation! These crunchy, peanut buttery sticks are the perfect nostalgic childhood food, and just like Ted, they use creativity to make an interesting situation (peanut butter, celery, and raisins) fun for everyone! Plus, you can share this delicious peanut buttery dish with your whole team, just like Ted would.