If you are in your grandma era, you are going to want to read this. In the spirit of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, Pop-Tarts is dropping the most adorable collab with crochet artist, London Kaye. It’s a cozy, hand-knit coastal grandmother cardigan with Pop-Tarts as its muse. Each Pop-Tartigan sold will be paired with their new frosted banana bread Pop-Tart flavor, and the first drop of sweaters is today.

Pop-Tarts has a new frosted banana flavor?

The limited-edition flavor consists of banana flavoring with a variety of spices, creating a similar comfort of having freshly baked banana bread. Leave it up to Pop-Tarts to turn your favorite desserts into the perfect toastable pastry.

Wait. What are the Pop-Tartigans going to look like?

Everyone has their favorite Pop-Tart flavor, just like everyone has a hot take on whether Pop-Tarts should be toasted. No matter what side you take, the Pop-Tartigan cardigan will come in three distinct styles to meet each customer’s needs. However, each cardigan will showcase the same pastry-inspired stitch that looks exactly like the new Frosted Banana Bread flavor.

Photo provided by Jake Fleming for Pop-Tarts

Each drop includes these three styles:

“Iconic” Pop-Tartigan: This classic style is the perfect cardigan for all your coastal grandma wardrobe.

“Crop-Tartigan” Pop-Tartigan: Said to be “inspired by Y2K style trends,” this cropped version of the “iconic” takes the cake… I mean frosting.

“Toasty Hug Shrug" Pop-Tartigan: The shrug pop-tartigan wraps around you like its namesake in a “toasty hug”. 

How can I get a Pop-Tartigan?

Today is the official first-drop of these sweaters. By visiting the website, you can sign up for alerts for today’s drop and the next two on March 31 and April 4. You’ll need to be quick because they’ll only be selling 20 Pop-Tartigans on a first come, first serve basis. Each sweater will come with a box of the Frosted Banana Bread PopTarts. Yum!

Show off your Pop-Tart love by being one of the 60 owners of a Pop-Tartigan. You’ll effortlessly wear it in true grandma-core fashion. These seriously sweet and exclusive, hand-knit sweaters will be available for purchase on BananaBreadPopTarts.com for $45.