Pop-Tarts were a breakfast staple of any early 2000s childhood. Whether you were the type to eat them cold, straight out of the package or liked to throw them in the toaster, Pop-Tarts made any morning better. Now, as mature college students, its time to bring back the childhood favorite with these seriously sophisticated (but ridiculously easy) variations.

1. Pop-Tart Cake Balls


Photo by Arden Sarner

Cake for breakfast? Why not! With only three ingredients these tasty, bite-sized treats turn any flavor of Pop-Tarts into a dessert that’s sure to impress your friends.

2. Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich


Photo courtesy of guff.com

Finished with your cake balls for breakfast? Time for lunch. Get some serious bonus points with your friends and bring these seriously delicious sandwiches to your next club meeting or movie night. Simply pick a flavor of Pop-Tart that appeals to you (I personally recommend Cookie Dough, Brownie Sundae or Red Velvet), cut in half, place ice cream and any additional toppings on one half, place the remaining half on top and there you go.

3. Pop-Tart Puppy Chow


Photo courtesy of littleindiana.com

If you haven’t mindlessly eaten an entire bag of Muddy Buddies at least once in your life, then you’re doing something wrong. As if the perfect snack couldn’t get any better, Pop-Tarts once again come to the rescue.

To amp up your puppy chow, take four Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts, place them in a sealable bag and crush them with a rolling pin (or a textbook if you are limited with utensils). Once finished, combine the Pop-Tarts with chocolate chips (white, milk or dark) and M&M candies and simply mix into your standard puppy chow recipe. Yum.

4. Pop-Tart S’mores


Photo courtesy of cakespy.com

No, not the Pop-Tart S’mores flavor. We’re talking about the real deal. Bring your a-Game to the next bonfire by making this mouth-watering variation on the campfire staple.

Start by toasting a S’mores Pop-Tart (either in a conventional toaster or over the fire on a cooking rack). While the Pop-Tart is warming up, roast your marshmallow to that perfect level of golden brown and prepare the chocolate (or chocolate syrup, if you prefer). Cut the Pop-Tart in half, place the marshmallow and chocolate between and enjoy!

5. Pop-Tart Infused Yogurt Parfait


Photo courtesy of yummyhealthyeasy.com

For those of you that prefer a healthier fare, these Pop-Tart Parfaits might just fit your fancy. Simple yet delicious, this variation is sure to get you through any early morning class.

Start by placing a layer of your fave yogurt in a bowl. Add a layer of crushed Pop-Tarts (stick with the fruity flavors for this one, like Strawberry, Raspberry or Blueberry), add another layer of yogurt mixed with some fresh fruit, top with another layer of Pop-Tart crumbles and one final layer of yogurt and you are ready to start the day.

7. Pop-Tart PB&J


Photo by Anna Celeste Harrer

If we are never too old for a Pop-Tart, then we are definitely never too old for a PB&J. Simply pick out whatever Pop-Tart flavor is calling your name (they even make PB&J flavored Pop-Tarts), slather it with some peanut butter (crunchy, obviously), add some jam or jelly and you are good to go. Find this and other PB&J upgrades here

8. Cookies and Creme Pop-Tart Milkshake


Photo courtesy of kitchme.com

Craving a milkshake? Make it even better with Cookies and Creme Pop-Tarts. Take your standard milkshake recipe (ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup, etc.), place two Cookies and Creme Pop-Tarts into the blender with the mix and you’re done.

9. Caramel-Coconut Pop-Tart Bars


Photo courtesy of 12tomatoes.com

Who can turn down a blondie? Try this spin on the dessert classic with Maple Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts, gooey, melted caramel and lots of coconut.


Try making your very own Pop-Tarts using this quick and easy guide.