It doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day it is, when you get high, you need to have snacks on hand. If you get the munchies once that cannabis kicks in, your stoner brain might take over and depending on what’s in your pantry, you could find yourself elbow-deep in a box of dusty crackers from last summer’s barbecue.

The good thing is that most food tastes amazing, sometimes even better, when you get high (read here on why you get the munchies). And it may even allow you to get creative in the kitchen with the snacks you have, coming up with oddly delicious combinations of foods your sober brain could never think of.

We polled the 21+ Spoon community to ask what they eat, what they cook, and what genius snack combinations they come up with when they get the munchies. These are the best stoner snacks for when the munchies attack, according to the Spoon community.

The most popular packaged snack for the munchies is Cheetos or Doritos.

And we get it. There’s nothing like popping open a bag of orange-colored salty crunchy chips and chowing down on the whole thing until your fingers turn orange. All that’s left to do is collect the crumbs in the corner of the bag and dump them into your mouth. 

Most people don’t like to cook when they get the munchies, but if they do, it’s something simple, like instant ramen or mac and cheese.

And if they feel a wave of cannabis creativity, they will mix in their own spices or throw on a fried or boiled egg to add some more flavor. “I like something that is quick and easy,” one responder said. “I don't like to get messy or make anything that takes a while.”

These are the weirdest, yet also very delicious-sounding best stoner snacks the Spoon community makes.

Your creativity when high is sometimes on another level, but so are your tastebuds. “The higher I am, the better it tastes,” one responder wrote, summing up the general feels about eating while high. “But I know some of the combos I make would be RANK when sober.” 

Here are the best stoner snacks from the munchie minds of the Spoon community.

Stuffing a mixture of Takis or Hot Cheetos with cream cheese in jalapeños

Original design by Audrey Wu for Spoon University

Stuffed jalapeños with the spicy kick of Hot Cheetos? Yes, please. If you're able, throw these in the oven to get them all hot and melty.

Putting instant ramen in rice paper for a ramen-spring roll

Original design by Audrey Wu for Spoon University

Make your instant ramen according to package instructions, minus some of the broth/water. Dip a sheet of rice paper in water to soften, and add in some noodles. Roll for the best ramen spring roll.

Fruity ice cream with Fruit Roll-Up

Original design by Audrey Wu for Spoon University

This one is totally inspired by a TikTok trend of adding ice cream to a Fruit Roll-Up and rolling it up. The cold of the ice cream hardens the rollup into a sweet and crunchy snack.

Tempura seaweed snack with Tostitos queso

Original design by Audrey Wu for Spoon University

Dipping anything into jarred queso is the hallmark of getting the munchies. But mixing the crunchy Tempura seaweed snack with the creamy vibrant yellow cheese dip is genius.

Cottage cheese with Rice Krispies cereal and sunflower seeds

Original design by Audrey Wu for Spoon University

For the texture fiends, you will love this one. But for those who hate tapioca pudding and yogurt with fruit in it, avoid this combo. However, the saltiness of the sunflower seed, the creaminess of the cottage cheese, and the airiness of the cereal all combined sounds like something only a high mind could conjure.

Peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich

Original design by Audrey Wu for Spoon University

An oldie but a goodie that will bring back mems of childhood, this sweet sandwich is easy to make, requires minimal butter knife usage, and has a touch of nutrition with the banana.

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