Eggs contain endless possibilities. They have been our reliable food companions that have always had our backs. Not only are they inexpensive, easily accessible, and delicious, but are a breakfast staple and perfect snack

But, is there an optimal way to cook an egg? For all my fellow egg enthusiasts, you might have been consuming and cooking these yummy little guys in ways that rob you of gaining their full nutritional value.

Luckily, I have ranked the common ways to prepare eggs in order of each preparation's nutritional value. Next time you go to reach for an egg, keep these tips in mind.

1. Raw  

egg, egg yolk
Parisa Soraya

Heating an egg can remove the nutritional elements located in the yolk, so if you can man up and consume an egg raw, more power to you. Just be careful of salmonella, which might lead to food poisoning.

2. Poached

bread, egg, avocado
Francesca Gentile

Poaching contains less fat and fewer calories than frying or baking, as it requires less heat and added oils. If you're looking to be classy and healthy, this is the way to go. 

3. Boiled

milk, cream, egg, deviled eggs, sweet, dairy product
Caroline Alexander

Not only is boiling the one of the quickest and simplest ways to prepare an egg, it is one of the healthiest. Boiling an egg keeps the yolk intact, containing all the nutrients in one stable location.

4. Scrambled

bacon, pasta, spinach
Francesca Gentile

To save yourself a few calories, use water instead of milk. This way, your scrambled creation contains the same fat, cholesterol, and calorie count as a boiled egg. If you're looking to cut back the calories further, separate the yolk and only use the egg whites.

5. Fried

Francesca Gentile

Frying an egg requires the most heat, which affects the chemical composition of an eggs potential nutritional value. To combat this issue, use a non-stick pan, or consider using coconut oil if you're looking to add a dose of healthy fats. 

Clearly, the egg preparation hierarchy is real. If you're looking to enjoy the taste of an egg, but also wish to eliminate unwanted calories, it might be time to scramble up your routine.