I think we can all agree that coconut oil fulfills the very definition of “super food.” SpoonU already published a list of 50 innovative and cool ways to utilize this seemingly normal and difficult-to-handle solid, white oil. From a natural moisturizer to a deep conditioner, coconut oil bridges the gap between beauty staple and a beneficial food supply. The extensive list already posted only started to cover the versatility of coconut oil. Below is a list of 10 more super ways to use this super food on vacation.

1. As a natural SPF 4.

2. Ingesting and applying the oil regularly helps build sun tolerance and reduces burning.

3.  Mix with sugar and essential oils for an exfoliating body/lip scrub.

4. Speeds up the healing of an injury. (Sunburn, anyone?)

5. Soothes eczema.

6. Fights toe fungus or athlete’s foot.

7. If you rub on the inside of your nose it helps alleviate allergy symptoms.

8. For an effective energy jolt, mix 1 TBS chia seeds with 1 TBS melted coconut oil.

9. Helps insulin levels.

10. When ingested daily, studies show it may improve sleep.

So, for Spring Break, lather on the coconut oil (plus some extra sunscreen) and enjoy the smell of Hawaii as you soak up the sun.