This week, my For You Page on TikTok has been overwhelmed with videos of people smearing ice cream onto a fruit roll up and crunching on it. Yes, crunching! The cold ice cream hardens the fruit roll up, basically turning it into a chip. The trend consists of the classic fruit roll ups that have the temporary tattoo designs on them (remember those?) and a scoop of any flavor of the Talenti sorbet or ice cream. The most popular has been the mango.

Where did the fruit roll up and ice cream trend come from?

In one of the viral TikTok videos from the trend, Kristen McAtee bites into a sorbet-candy burrito, hears the crunch of the fruit roll up, and exclaims, “Ohhhhh.” In another video, @trinhdoesthings adds the fruit roll up and sorbet sandwich in the freezer for two minutes before eating and closing her eyes in enjoyment. After freezing the treat, the crunching sound is even louder.

How do you make the fruit roll up and ice cream TikTok snack?

Reminiscing on when I used to hold the fruit roll ups to my tongue, staining the shapes in my mouth, I laid the fruit roll up out onto my kitchen counter and placed a scoop of the Talenti Roman Raspberry sorbet onto the middle. The fruit roll up immediately hardens into a crunchy, crackl-y tube. As it hits my tongue, it feels like my teeth are snapping little bits of hard candy. The sorbet heightens the flavors of the fruit roll up, making me crave an iced water.

Natalie Willis

How does the fruit roll up and ice cream TikTok snack taste?

While McAtee rates this treat a ten out of a ten, I would have to say that this frozen roll has been overhyped, and it’s an average of a five. This sweet dessert would have been so much better if the fruit roll up stayed chewy instead of freezing like glass. The combination of the sorbet and fruit roll up is super tasty, but when it’s sweet-treat-o’clock, I honestly would much rather take myself to a Crumbl Cookie or Dairy Queen. But this candy burrito could also be used as a sweet and cute dessert for a girl’s night-in or for a themed event. Although it is a tasty snack, maybe I just love the classic fruit roll up on its own too much. What do you think?