Dorm room snacks are something every college kid relies on. You know, those nights where the dining hall didn't cut it, or that afternoon after having 3 classes and you're starving. Sometimes it's nice to dive into a bag of chips or eat an entire sleeve of Oreos, but it's also good to have some variety when it comes to snacks! I've tried my fair share of dorm room snacks and I'm here to tell you the ones I've found that are simple, filling, and a little bit creative.

Emily Goryeb

EBTB Crackers, Hummus, & String Cheese

My first favorite snack would be one that I actually ate today. It is the Trader Joe's Bite Size Everything Crackers, hummus, and string cheese. I love hummus and can eat it with a lot of things, but these crackers are by far the best. It might sound like a weird combination to put all three together, but just trust me. This is also a pretty filling snack and I sometimes even go for two cheese sticks if I'm really feeling wild.

Emily Goryeb

Guacamole & Baby Carrots

My second favorite snack is Chunky Guacamole made with Greek yogurt which is also from Trader Joe's, because it's my favorite place ever. This is by far the best store-bought guacamole I have ever tried. I like this with the sweet potato tortilla chips, if you want something crunchy, or baby carrots, if you're looking for something more filling (and a way to get in your veggies). Fair warning, this guac will turn brown within about 2-3 days so make sure you eat it quickly! However, I'm sure you'll end up finishing it fast anyway.

Emily Goryeb

Bean & Rice Burritos

This next snack can also technically be subbed for a quick lunch in a pinch. The Trader Joe's Bean & Rice Burritos were a food I truly lived on during my sophomore year. They're super simple considering you just heat them up in the microwave. I would always keep a pack in my freezer to ensure I had something if I needed it. You could eat one for a snack or eat both for a meal. If you have salsa in your fridge (or the Chunky Guacamole), you're all set for quite the snack. 

Stuffed Dates

These stuffed dates can be a little more time consuming, but they are definitely worth it. This one also doubles as a dessert which is a win-win. You take a pitted date, fill it with a nut butter of your choice, a slice of banana, and you could also stuff in a piece of dark chocolate or sprinkle it with coconut flakes. You just stick them in the freezer and pop one out when you want. Make sure to let it defrost for a minute or so! These are delicious and a healthier way to satisfy that sweet tooth. 

Emily Goryeb

I've definitely learned to get creative with my own dorm room snacks over the years and these are just a few of my favorites. Hopefully these inspired you to try something new and get creative with your own dorm room snacks! Send us pictures of you trying these out or send your best dorm snack ideas to @spoon_fairfield on Instagram!