Valentine's Day gift giving can be stressful. If you're in a serious relationship, you probably know exactly how to surprise your SO. But as for those relationships that are in the early stages, or possibly not even defined (I get it, it's complicated), wtf do you do? Let me tell you—the best way to way to surprise your lovah is with food, like this new Krispy Kreme Oreo doughnut. 

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

According to Food & Wine, the Krispy Kreme Oreo doughnut is shaped like a heart, unglazed and filled with Oreo Cookie Kreme, then dipped in dark chocolate icing, topped with crushed Oreo cookies and a light drizzle of red icing. Can you describe doughnuts as sexy? I feel like this is the Victoria's Secret of doughnuts. 

Of course, Oreo doughnut should be your first choice, because Oreos. But if you want more choices than Bumble is throwing your way, you have three other options. Krispy Kreme is also releasing a sprinkled heart with white icing, a chocolate iced doughnut with sprinkles, and a heart-shaped doughnut with a literal smiley face on top (s'cute) for V-Day.

The four new Krispy Kreme doughnuts will be available today through Feb. 14, and I'm telling you, food gifts are the way to go. Everyone likes food! It shows effort, but is also casual enough to be like, "Oh this? I was picking up doughnuts this morning for myself and thought you might like one, too." Because heaven forbid we show our true feelings, even on Valentine's Day. #Millennials