Oreos can make any food instantly taste better, but how could they possibly make truffles taste better? Truffles already cover everything on the sweet spectrum, but adding Oreos upgrades their flavor to a whole new level. If you think an Oreo truffles recipe is just Oreos and cream cheese, I've got some news for you: there are so many different Oreo truffles recipes you can make in just minutes with only a few ingredients.

Here are 15 Oreo truffles recipes you won't want to share with anyone else.

1. Red Velvet Oreo Truffles

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Meredith Ross

I'm a sucker for The Cheesecake Factory's Red Velvet Cheesecake, but when I don't have $8 to shell out on a slice, these red velvet truffles are a good alternative. 

2. Peppermint Oreo Truffles

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Rachel Gramuglia

Chocolate and mint are an iconic flavor pairing, and adding Oreos to the mix makes these peppermint truffles that much better. These truffles also work great during the winter if you add crushed candy canes to give off an elegant vibe.

3. Oreo Cheesecake Truffles

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Anna Hirschorn

This recipe is the classic Oreo truffles recipe. All you have to do to make this recipe is mix together Oreos and cream cheese. Then melt some chocolate, and you get the most addictive dessert ever.

4. Cappuccino Oreo Truffles

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Emily Gordon

For all the coffee lovers out there, these cappuccino truffles will give you your caffeine fix for the day. If you're feeling really frisky, you could even put one of these truffles in your coffee to give it a unique flavor.  

5. Snickerdoodle Oreo Truffles

So you're telling me that I can use Oreo cookies to make truffles that taste like another cookie entirely? Mind. Blown. If you're a classic cookie fan, try making these truffles for a new spin on the snickerdoodle.

6. Golden Oreo Truffles

Finally, a recipe made with the best Oreos flavor, Golden Oreos. This recipe is just like the Oreo cheesecake truffle recipe, but with vanilla Oreos. These are great for when you're not in the mood for a chocolate overload.

7. S'mores Oreo Truffles

Gather around the campfire, because these aren't your typical s'mores. These are s'more Oreo truffles, and they didn't come to play around and sing songs. They're here to take you back to your childhood in the best way possible: with a new twist on a classic snack.

8. Raspberry Oreo Truffles

If you're a fruit fanatic, these raspberry Oreo truffles are calling your name. They have a great fruity flavor that pairs surprisingly well with Oreos.

9. Pretzel Oreo Truffles

Sweet and salty, need I say more? Oreos can be overpowering and sweet sometimes, and these pretzel truffles solve that issue. Be warned though, the perfect amount of saltiness in these truffles may make them even more addicting than before.

10. Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles

Just like Oreos can make anything taste better, I think the same can be said about peanut butter. When you combine these two together, a masterpiece is made. Not to mention the chocolate covering everything will take this to an even higher level.

11. Coconut Oreo Truffles

If you're thinking that none of these recipes have piqued your interest yet, this coconut truffle recipe will be the one to change your mind. Coconut's distinct flavor gives these Oreo truffles that extra oomph you're looking for.

12. Nutella Oreo Truffles

All hail Nutella Oreo truffles. This recipe throws a loop in Oreo's chocolate agenda with a little hazelnut action. Just make sure to save some Nutella for the actual truffles when you're making them. I know how appealing spoonfuls of Nutella can be, but remember why you're using it in the first place.

13. Gingerbread Oreo Truffles

First, there were the snickerdoodle truffles, and now there's gingerbread truffles? Woah. Holy cookie action. This proves my earlier point that Oreos can be used to make a dessert that tastes like another cookie. Oreos are a powerful force.

14. Brownie Oreo Truffles

My idea of a perfect dessert is a warm brownie covered in fudge, and that's exactly what these brownie Oreo truffles are like. This recipe says to refrigerate the truffles, but some rules are meant to be broken. If you like warm and gooey brownies like me, I suggest melting these truffles and pairing them with some ice cream.

15. Lemon Oreo Truffles

For a refreshing treat, this lemon Oreo truffle recipe will hit the spot. These truffles are the perfect summertime snack. If you're experiencing some winter blues right now, try making these truffles and imagine that it's 72ºF and sunny...instead of -10 and snowy.

If you've made it to the end of this article without salivating, I congratulate you. These Oreo truffles recipes are so simple to make and only require a few ingredients. By making these recipes, you'll gain a new kind of respect for Oreos. I don't think anyone will blame you if you keep these recipes all to yourself.