Post Malone took Jimmy Fallon's Olive Garden virginity last night on "The Tonight Show", and the whole experience was, quite frankly, iconic. Fallon, who had never once stepped foot inside an Olive Garden, was guided by Post Malone in his transcendence into unlimited Italian carbs. However, even the most experienced Olive Garden goers could learn a thing or two from Malone, especially regarding his breadstick-eating technique. 

While most of us mere mortals would just face-plant into the unlimited carbohydrate utopia and never look back, Post showed Jimmy how to eat OG breadsticks his way, and some might even consider it art.

The Art

What starts with Sensei Malone requesting "like, a sh*tload of butter" to go with the breadsticks, quickly transpires into a work of true genius. After taking an initial bite of an un(extra)buttered breadstick, Post instructs Jimmy to cut a small sliver of butter and spread it on top of the bitten surface—about 2 mm. The two cheers to bread and take a bite out of the now extra-buttered breadstick. "The contrast—it's garlicky, it's salty, it's buttery, it's hot, and it's cold," Fallon marveled.

A Legitimate Argument for This Technique

While the recipe for Olive Garden breadsticks already calls for, as Post put it best, "a sh*tload of butter," Fallon makes a good point when he notes the temperature contrast. Think about cold chocolate syrup on warm chocolate cake, cold cheese pizza or adding extra chocolate chips on top of chocolate chip pancakes. There's something that's undeniably appetizing about adding a cold ingredient to a food that's essentially a warmer version of that exact same ingredient. It's more of a good thing, it adds an element of contrast, and there's a melt factor. Post cracked the code at Olive Garden.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to the question of who's confident enough to go there? Because nothing says confidence quite like rocking three face tattoos, Post's technique likely could have only been initiated by the Olive Garden guru himself. While we can't entirely advocate for this from a health standpoint, we can definitely appreciate Post's commitment to Olive Garden, its breadsticks, and butter.

Whether or not you actually decide to adopt this technique, you gotta give it to the man for pioneering something. Don't be upset just because you weren't bold enough to go there first. We can all learn a lot from Sensei Malone.

You can watch the rest of Jimmy and Post Malone's full Olive Garden experience below.