Olive Garden has been dominating the Italian food game for years. Sure, some may disagree, but there's no denying that Olive Garden breadsticks are carbs in the most perfect form. And the fact that they're unlimited has us feelin' some type of way. 

I wondered what it was about these breadsticks that started my love affair. After talking to a friend who works at Olive Garden, I got the inside scoop on what it is about these breadsticks makes them taste so good.

Fresh, Never Frozen

Fresh, pre-rolled breadstick dough is delivered to each restaurant, every day. Olive Garden has an industrial-sized bread maker that cooks the dough flawlessly and keeps those golden brown beauties warm until they are served. A fresh batch of breadsticks is cooked every 15 minutes, so you're always guaranteed a hot one. 

Butter and Garlic Salt: Name a More Dynamic Duo, I'll Wait

But what happens after baking that makes these breadsticks so damn good? Butter and garlic salt — seriously. Immediately after baking, the breadsticks are lightly brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with garlic salt. 

If you're anything like me, you're probably having a major WTF moment right now or think you're getting Punk'd — unfortunately, Ashton Kutcher is not in the building. It really is that simple. 

Taking Olive Garden Breadsticks To The Next Level

A few years back, Olive Garden introduced breadstick sandwiches... I mean, they could've just named this culinary masterpiece the #gamechanger. The goal of this menu item was to repurpose existing items and ingredients into what customers wanted. 

#SpoonTip: The breadstick sandwich stays true to OG tradition and comes with unlimited breadsticks.

So really, it all comes down to brushing on some butter and garlic salt, the ultimate dynamic duo for this fan favorite. Can you believe it's THAT EASY? I mean, you might as well go to the store, buy some bread dough and make it yourself. I know, I know — it just isn't the same, is it?

If you've made it through this article without developing a craving for some delicious Olive Garden breadsticks, kudos to you. But there's no shame in taking a trip down to "Italy" later today just to remind yourself how magical these breadsticks really are.

*Googles nearest Olive Garden*

Thanks Olive Garden, for all that you do.