The holy grail of the Super Bowl is the game, the food, and of course, the iconic commercials. Each year, millions of viewers worldwide tune in to see which of their favorite brands will make the perfect pass at marketing between expert plays on the field.

A coveted spot in the Super Bowl broadcast calls for more than an infomercial. Celebrity cameos, comedy, music selection, and overall ambiance set apart a commercial masterpiece from a forgettable thirty seconds. The final face-off between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs happened this past Sunday, and plenty of companies have scored big on their attempt at epic advertising

After watching every Super Bowl food commercial, this is a ranking of all the Super Bowl LVII commercials that will stand the test of time. 

1. Pringles: Big Game 2023

 In the Pringle’s Super Bowl commercial, we learn that everybody, from surgeons to bowlers to Meghan Trainor, get their hand stuck in a can of Pringles. Simplicity at its finest, this commercial make us want to be snacking.

2. Samuel Adams: Your Cousin’s Brighter Boston

The jokes pertaining to the Bostonian stereotype are many: funny accent, baseball fanatics, “pah-king” the car, and a deep hatred of Yankee fans. Boston beer brand Samuel Adams turns all these common tropes on their head in their version of “Your Cousin’s Brighter Boston” to highlight their “now brighter” beer. The fantasy world of exceedingly kind New Englanders includes embraces between sports fans, amicable parking, and adhering to recycling rules. 

3. M&Ms: Yum 😉

Maya Rudolph makes her debut at M&Ms new spokesperson with a tongue-and-cheek promotion of the classic chocolate candy. As part of her official “Lady Awesome” duties, the blazer-clad Rudolph takes the commercial to announce the new Ma&Ya’s — candy-coated clam bites. In the background, we can see the red M&M donning a sign that reads "HELP!" And we can see why. No one wants to eat chocolate clams.

4. PopCorners: Feat. Jesse from "Breaking Bad"

Fans of the hit show "Breaking Bad" were excited for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s revival of their roles as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White to promote a product a little more mainstream than their character’s PopCorners. The minute-long commercial opens to the sound of the original theme song with Pinkman snacking on White Cheddar PopCorners in a familiar lawn chair. 

5. Planters: Jeff Ross Gets Ready to Roast Mr. Peanut

After being reborn as Baby Nut in Planter’s 2020 Super Bowl LIV commercial, Mr. Peanut is back and ready for the next stage of his life: the roast. No oven required, this roast of the iconic legume spearheaded by comedian Jeff Ross delivered jokes just as salty as the legendary snack. The pants-less peanut prepared for some epic quibs because Ross did not hold back. Fans of Planters peanuts can join in on the fun by posting their own roasts at for a chance to win up to $10,000 — now that’s a lot of peanuts!

6. Heineken: Heineken 0.0 | Ant-Man Now You Can Drink, Before Saving the Day!

Even superheroes need a pick-me-up, and with Heineken’s 0.0 alcohol “now you can” sip buzz-free and still save the day. Heineken teamed up with Marvel’s Ant Man to promote their virgin beverage and the movie franchise’s Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. Despite urgent messages calling him to action, Paul Rudd’s character takes a moment to recoup with a classic green bottle before running headfirst into danger with a sober composure. Your game-day plans may include fewer heroics, but that doesn’t mean you should have a few Heineken 0.0s on hand. 

7. Bud Light: Hold | Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy

What more do you need than Miles Teller, a tiny dog, and a can of cold beer? In its latest commercial, Bud Light highlights the simple pleasures of laid back home life and moments of “easy enjoyment,” no matter the circumstance. Clad in jeans and comfy sweaters, the Top Gun: Maverick star and his wife, Keleigh Sperry, dance around the living room to the music of being on hold. Despite the wait, the two get into the groove and light up the small screen with smiles and “easy” chemistry. 

8. Avocados from Mexico: (featuring Anna Faris)

 In a Discovery Channel-esque themed commercial, Avocados from Mexico brings a flare of drama to one fruit with “the ability to make everything better.” Clips of crashing waves, a serene sunrise, and dynamic stars culminate in Anna Faris — in full nude — splitting open a glowing, green avocado. A play on Eve’s discovery of the apple in the Garden of Eden, I wonder if the avocado is enough of a star to live up to the hype of the original forbidden fruit?

9. Budweiser: Six Degrees of Bud

In a play on a 6-pack and the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, Budweiser’s latest commercial shows the power of a good beer in sparking connection between football lovers and friends. Narrated by the illustrious actor himself, the ad follows the journey of a few beers from one-of-six to another, emphasizing a shared desire to enjoy the moment and sip on a bottle of beer no matter the company you keep. 

10. Michelob Ultra: ULTRA Club | New Members Day

Serena Williams trades rackets for clubs in her third year of Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl campaign. Cheered-on by other A-list athletes like U.S. Women's National Team member Alex Morgan, Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler, and WNBA star Nneka Ogwumike, Williams goes putt-to-putt with Brian Cox’s fictitious character Logan Roy from HBO’s hit series Succession. The picture of cool confidence in a purple ensemble, Williams schools her opponent with easy game and celebrates with the “superior light beer.”

11. Doritos: The Love Triangle

Missy Elliot steals the show in a two-part teaser also starring Jack Harlow and a bag of Sweet and Tangy BBQ Doritos. Part one shows Harlow climbing into his car as fans demand answers regarding an alleged “love triangle.” Decked out in chunky jewelry, Elliot responds excitedly to Harlow’s proposed collab before expressing skepticism over the possibility of “a love triangle.” 

12. Crown Royal: “Dave Grohl Learns Something New”

Game day thankfully brought more clarity to the Canadian whiskey company’s newest commercial featuring Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl. The renowned rockstar thanks the country to the north for its musical contributions, peanut butter, comedy legends, football (that's true!) and, of course, Crown Royal. 

13. Miller Lite/Coors Light: The High Stakes Beer Ad

Miller Lite and Coors Light are having a competition of their own in a high-stakes commercial showdown. Before gameday, fans could submit their predictions on what will happen in the company’s first game-day ad in 30 years and make their bid for a $500,000 prize pool. The commercial ended up being an odd competition between the two beer brands, and Blue Moon, oddly enough,

14. Ben Affleck Serving Your Dunkin' Donuts Order This 2023 Season (featuring Jennifer Lopez)

Imagine entering the drive-thru of Dunkin' ready to order the one thing that will roll you over to the right side of the bed: coffee. As you pull up to grab your drink, Ben Affleck is the one taking your order and giving it to you. Talk about the morning adrenaline you needed. The commercial also features his wife Jennifer Lopez with some very cute banter. 

15. Pete Davidson Is Everywhere With Hellmann's Mayo (featuring Jon Hamm and Brie Larson)

John Hamm and Brie Larson have shrunk into fitting inside the refrigerator with the Hellmann's Mayo towering over them. Pete Davidson then makes an appearance when opening the white doors of the refrigerator, ready to eat his mayo. The commercial ends emphasizing that "Hellmann's Brings Leftovers to Life," just how John Hamm and Brie Larson were now back into regular size. 

16. The Remy Martin Cognac Release Was An "Inch By Inch" Away With Serena Williams

Serena Williams, the Tennis Icon, starts walking confidently as the sounds of an orchestra overwhelm the screen. The commercial transitions from clips to drummers, chefs, horses, dancers, a field on fire, and then the Remy Martin Cognac. It finally ends showcasing Williams face as the "Inch By Inch" is announced on the screen with shining gold lettering.

17. The Busch Guide : A Dollar A Day Can Save An Animal (featuring Sarah McLachlan)

The Busch Light commercial opens up with the Busch Guide: 3 steps to survival. The Guide consists of food, drink (Busch Light), and shelter. Sarah McLachlan is revealed to be inside the shelter with a white wolf and begins her sarcastic, but silly monologue on saving animals "for just a dollar a day." As she is poking fun at the emotional animal shelter commercials, the sizzling sound of the cool Busch Light interrupts the dramatics. 

18. "Stronger Makes Everything Better" With Oikos Yogurt at Deion Sander's Family Reunion

Deion Sanders get challenged by his family on whose stronger after eating the creamy Oikos Yogurt. As each family member shows their strengths, the commercial ends with the Oikos Yogurt slamming on the table with EDM music playing in the background, hyping the audience up to sprint to the gym. The bolded white letters then smash into the screen saying: "Stronger Makes Everything Better." 

19. Bush's Baked Beans: Peyton Manning "rolls that beautiful bean footage" 

This commercial opens with Peyton Manning exclaiming "Roll that beautiful bean footage!" Manning continues to repeat the phrase and is shown staring at the beautiful bean footage on the screen. Then, a Bush's Baked Beans representative and a golden dog, which we can only assume is Duke, decide that Manning was ready. It was now game time for Manning. 

20. Steve Martin & Ben Stiller Never Stop Acting With Pepsi Zero Sugar

Steve Martin and Ben Stiller share goofy banter by making jokes on how, as actors, they never stop acting. Even when they try to make truce, the pair start teasing each other again by saying they were just acting. The now awkward banter ended with the crispy sound of the Pepsi Zero Sugar can opening, making the audience craving a sip.