Every Super Bowl, I get together with a bunch of friends, overdose on nachos, and circle around the TV. While my friends are yelling at the football players on the screen who can't hear them, I'm waiting for the commercials. This is the ONLY time I ever watch television in anticipation of advertisements—otherwise, I'm all about Netflix. Some of my favorite commercials come from one brand in particular—Doritos. So here are the top 10 funniest Doritos Super Bowl commercials.

10. Doritos Crystal Ball

The magic of a crystal ball never worked so well. Free Doritos at the office today, courtesy of throwing a crystal ball at the vending machine.

9.  Doritos Bird of Prey

"What's up with Gary today?"

"Every time he craves Doritos, he turns into a bird of prey."

8. Doritos Funeral   

A dude fakes his own death to be in a casket filled with Doritos while he watches the game in peace. The only problem is, he can't help but cheer for his team, and his cover is blown. He's alive, it's a miracle!

7. Doritos Mouse Trap

Using Doritos as bait for a mouse trap probably wasn't the best idea. The battle between a man and a mouse has never been more real.

6. Doritos Grandpa Resurrected 

After forgetting to water the plant and feed the fish while his roommate was out of town, this guy uses Doritos to bring everything back to life...including the grandpa who was previously in an urn. 

5. Doritos Pug

Don't tease this pug with Doritos. He'll prove to be stronger than you thought.  

4. Swipe For Doritos

Tinder dates are a total hit or miss. But this guy proves love has no boundaries after and older lady whips out a bag of Doritos. 

3. Doritos Ultrasound

This baby can't wait to get out of the womb and get its hands on some Doritos. Slightly disturbing, but also hilarious at the fact that the husband is eating Doritos during the ultrasound. 

2. Doritos Dogs

These pups just want some Doritos. And they're smart enough to fool the store owner to get some.

1. Doritos Sla Yo Mama 

This is my all-time favorite Doritos commercial. "Keep your hands off my mama. And keep your hands off my Doritos." You tell him, kid.