Charcuterie boards are currently taking over my TikTok FYP and my Instagram feed, but I’m not complaining. If you’re unfamiliar, a charcuterie board is essentially a combination of foods on a wooden board. They commonly include a variety of cheeses, meats and crackers. Who says you have to be basic though? I am here to help you make the perfect Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board, with the perfect combination of chocolate, candy, and all the Valentine’s colors you could ask for. 


Wooden Board

This one is pretty obvious. In order to make a charcuterie board, you have to have the board! Any wooden board will work, but I found a heart shaped one on Etsy that is perfect for the occasion.

Heart-shaped donuts from Dunkin'

I have become recently obsessed with Dunkin's Valentine's Day menu. The pink velvet macchiato is so, so good. A must try if you have not already! Since it’s not feasible to add coffee to our board (unfortunately), Dunkin has other options for us. The Brownie Batter Donut is a heart-shaped donut filled with rich, chocolatey brownie batter-flavored buttercream and frosted with chocolate icing, while the Cupid’s Choice Donut is a heart-shaped donut filled with Bavarian Kreme and frosted with strawberry icing. These donuts should be the centerpiece of your board, with all your other candies surrounding.


Sweethearts are definitely a controversial candy, but how could you go wrong with brightly colored pure sugar hearts? These candies will add a pop of color to your board while also boasting some cute messages. Even better, the heart shape ties everything together for a perfect Valentine's Day treat.

Pink, white, and red M&Ms

No Valentine’s day board would be complete without chocolate. Valentine-themed M&M’s allows for the addition of chocolate, while keeping the color scheme bright. The combination of a sweet candy shell and creamy chocolate filling will please any pallet you need. M&Ms are simply a superior candy.

Heart-shaped Lollipops

Lollipops are another underrated candy. For this board, I recommend red heart shaped pops. They will stand out amongst the smaller candies and keep the red theme going.


We need something salty to balance out all the sweet! Pretzels are the perfect crunchy snack to add to your board. They keep the color scheme going with their neutral color. Bonus tip -- try to find heart shaped pretzels if you can!

Lindor Valentine’s Truffles

Last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite Valentine candy: truffles. I love Lindor’s truffles all year round, but the limited edition strawberry and cream flavor makes my February every single year. They come in a white chocolate shell with a smooth and creamy strawberry filling. An added bonus is the pastel pink wrapper, which will be a great addition to your board. 

The best thing about this Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board is that it is so easy to make! Just assemble everything on your board and enjoy. Oh, and make sure to take pictures for the gram!