Heineken has truly outdone themselves with their latest drink creation: Heineken 0.0. Made with absolutely 0% alcohol, the newest drink not only looks just like a typical Heineken beer, but also tastes pretty similar! Read on for all the details about the new Heineken 0.0. 

Wait, do you mean Heineken the beer company?

Photo Courtesy of Heineken

Yes, the one and only Heineken beer company has just created a new drink that looks and tastes exactly like a typical Heineken beer-only the new drink contains 0% alcohol. According to Heineken, their newest innovation is "a no-alcohol beer brewed for beer lovers, by beer lovers."

Are you sure there is no alcohol?

Photo Courtesy of Heineken

There is no alcohol in Heineken's newest creation. As a person who can barely handle drinking a glass of wine without getting a bit tipsy, I drank a Heineken 0.0 bottle in one sitting and actually got to enjoy the entire drink, without worrying about feeling sick afterwards. 

What's the point of drinking a Heineken with no alcohol?

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Jiamo Li

Excellent question! Because drinking (or not drinking) alcohol is such a personal choice, Heineken's latest creation now offers ALL people the opportunity to try their latest product. Additionally, now you can drink a Heineken any time of the day you want-without feeling the effects later on. 

Can you tell me about the nutritional facts please?

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Sam Jesner

Sure thing. Each Heineken 0.0 has only 69 calories per serving. That's about half the calories compared to a regular Heineken beer, in case you were wondering. 

Does it taste like a real Heineken? 

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Sam Jesner

It actually really does taste almost identical to the original Heineken. I compared both drinks, and honestly could barely recognize the difference between the two. If anything, the Heineken 0.0 seemed a little bit smoother, but it tastes pretty much like the real deal. If you like beer, it's definitely worth trying.  

Is it available in stores now?

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Shelby Cohron

Yes it is! Heineken released the latest product earlier this year, in January. Next time you stop at the grocery store, pick up a pack of Heineken 0.0. Share it with some friends, bring it to a party, or just enjoy it during your next Netflix binge!