Mayo is already the greatest condiment in the world, but it can taste even better with some simple additions. In fact, mayo can be easily upgraded by adding a single ingredient that is likely in your cupboard right now. Let us get right to it, here are 10 simple mayo recipes featuring common pantry ingredients.


This may be the definition of a simple mayo recipe. You take two condiments that are great on their own and you put them together. Moving past the obvious, the creaminess of the mayo combined with the spiciness of the sriracha creates a versatile flavor that is delicious on just about anything.

Cayenne Pepper

Do you like spice, but not the flavor of Sriracha? Well, then this recipe is perfect for you. Cayenne pepper delivers the perfect amount of heat, but it doesn’t completely change the flavor of the mayo.  Be warned, cayenne pepper can be very spicy if you add too much. Start with a pinch and season to taste.


This recipe brings me back to my high school cafeteria. These two work so well together that I’m surprised Heinz and Hellman’s haven't collaborated to bottle this stuff. Ketchup and mayo, or Ketch-O, is the perfect condiment for French fries.

Dill Pickles

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While this may seem like an odd combination, all you have to do is dice the pickles and stir them into the mayo. Boom, you’ve officially made magic. It’s a wonderful substitute for tartar sauce. This simple recipe really shines with fish and chips.

Black Pepper

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This is almost too simple. Trust me though, the pepper gives the mayo another depth of flavor. I love black pepper mayo on turkey sandwiches. I highly recommend using freshly cracked black pepper because it has a richer depth of flavor than stale, pre-ground pepper.

Garlic Powder

Garlic purists will likely cringe at this, but hear me out. Raw garlic has a strong flavor, and there is always that chance of biting into a lone morsel of garlic. Conversely, garlic powder delivers that wonderful garlic flavor, and it is easier to incorporate into the mayo. Garlic mayo is tasty enough to be used wherever you already use mayo. However, it tastes best when paired with pulled pork sandwiches.

Italian Seasoning

My inspiration for this mashup came from watching my sandwich get sprinkled with herbs at Jersey Mike’s. Herbs like oregano and basil mingle with the mayo to create a taste that can only be described as “home.”


Yes, this has a vastly different flavor than dill pickle mayo. Gone is the salt and vinegar associated with pickles. I recommend using fresh dill here, but dried dill works too. Dill mayo pairs perfectly with salmon burgers.

Curry Powder

This is my newest mayo recipe, and it is quickly becoming my favorite. The mayo is a perfect vehicle for adding curry to any sandwich or pasta salad. Chicken sandwiches with curry mayo is the ultimate pairing.

Celery Seed

Celery seed is woefully underrated in my opinion. I discovered this unique ingredient after eating my aunt's go-to pasta salad. Celery seed mayo is delicious on chicken or turkey sandwiches, and it's a crucial addition to any chicken salad.

There you have it! While these may seem like some crazy combinations, they all provide different flavors that you'll definitely love.