There are a whole bunch of reasons why Swifties are the best fans on the planet, and one of them is their creativity. During the Eras Tour, we got to see this creativity shine with original, and sometimes even bejeweled, outfits. And when Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) came out, they put their baking skills to the test to make celebratory purple cakes. Swifties aren't stopping there, though. Some are going as far as recreating the Eras Tour stage, in an edible way. Using football stadium gingerbread kits, Swifties are repurposing the delicious cookie and candy pieces to make gingerbread stadiums (Taylor’s Version). 

How do you make an Eras Tour gingerbread house?

TikTok user @petedapenguin showcases their process of recreating the iconic Eras Tour layout. Starting with a gingerbread base, they use two Favorite Day’s Gingerbread kits and place the pieces in the same way a football stadium is set up, which was the original purpose of the kit (sorry, but stadiums should be known for the Eras Tour at this point, not football).

Next, melt some candy melts to make a white-colored frosting, which is then spread all over the floor of this “stadium.” The stage is made of chocolate, and I have to say, the layout is spot on. The chocolate is outlined with some candy beads, adding a level of extraness that’s completely necessary (as Taylor would want).

This next step is a bit much, even for a Swiftie — the tedious task of picking out all the pink and blue sprinkles with a tweezer-looking tool. One user commented, “The sprinkle commitment is CRAZY,” and I agree. The sprinkles are then put everywhere, and yes, I mean everywhere. Gummy candy pieces and gummy bears are then placed on the stage, which looks identical to the giant, fan-like costumes her dancers wear during her iconic intro.

I mean, the resemblance is uncanny, just look at the views from @alwaysasdriana's TikTok when Taylor Swift performed in Houston, Texas on April 22.

And fans absolutely love @petedapenguin’s delicious idea. One TikTok user commented, “The surprise songs were Christmas Tree Farm and Christmas must be something more,” which made me laugh out loud. This is the perfect holiday activity for you and your Swiftie friends.