Get out the purple food coloring, the fondant butterflies, and the edible pearls, it’s time to bake a Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) cake. Yes, you read that right. TikTok is going full Swiftie by making Taylor Swift cakes to to celebrate the new album’s release.

Lately, the food world has been buzzing with Taylor Swift-inspiration, with everything from Speak Now (Taylor’s version) themed Starbucks drinks to snack roundups that represent each song to hot dogs eaten during every era of the Eras Tour concert. In honor of this wave of Taylor Swift-inspired confections, I’ve collected my top five favorite TikTok videos to get your Swiftie idea mill going. Because who are we kidding?! After checking these videos out, you’ll be canceling all your plans for a Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) cake bake-off battle with your friends. You can even get wild and make an Eras Tour-inspired cake to celebrate your concert experience, too. 

Can you spot the 13?

This cake wins the top spot with its hidden frosting 13, which I’m sure Taylor includes in every cake she makes.

Edible glitter, anyone?

Arguably the most beautiful of the five, this sugary wonder is made in front of our eyes while “Enchanted” plays in the background. Warning: You are likely to break into song and dance while listening to Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), so keep that in mind when you’re making kitchen preparations.

This is for the garden party girlies

This black cherry-embellished Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) cake is the perfect centerpiece for an album-themed backyard garden party.

John Mayer (allegedly) should watch this

Wait until the end. The only cake version of “Dear John” that makes any sense.

This one is for the ube

This purple, ube-infused cake is not only nailing the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) aesthetic, it’s giving “cake of my dreams.”