Nothing like a dirty sangria to make a night (or afternoon) one to remember, right? Grab those cheap ingredients, those damn fine pieces of fruit, and of course the XL wine glass because you know you’re not stopping until that pitcher is gone. Let’s make this very clear: how do you like your sangria? If I could possibly speak on behalf of 99% of the college student population (where them girls at?!)… I’d say we like it cheap, quick, and dirty.

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This Slutty Sangria categorizes everything you would ever want in a… drink? Man? Well, I’ll let you decide that one later, but if you get these into your system, it could be both.



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Let’s give ourselves a given range of $8-$15. Gravitate towards medium-bodied, crisp, fruity wines that will give the drink a run for your money.


  • Naked Grape Sauvignon Blanc at $11.99
  • Yellow Tail Riesling at $12.99
  • Jacobs Creek Moscato at $13.49


  • Fuego Austral Cabernet at $9.99
  • Dancing Bull Zinfandel at $13.99
  • Apothic Red at $15.99




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The idea of putting fresh fruit into a pitcher that you may not remember tomorrow might seem daunting — I get it, man. So go frozen! Not only will this keep your sangria cold on a hot day, but it will also keep that money in your pocket.

If you do have your mind set on fresh fruit, go for the juiciest, most flavourful kinds, like oranges, grapefruit, and apples. Honestly, anything works.

The Works


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Depending on how you want your Slutty Sangria to taste, you can add a variety of different juices and liquor to either make it more sweet or sour. Brandy, rum, or vodka make a great addition to any kind of sangria, so throw a shot or two of what you have on hand into that pitcher.

For sweetness, grab your favourite cheap juice from the grocery store and let the little kid within you scream for joy (don’t lie we know you secretly love Sunny D).

Mix It Up

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Easy. Literally so easy. Shake and stir. The hardest part of this entire process is the waiting game that makes no sense at the time — but if you give that sweet pot of gold four hours to stew in its glory, you will have absolutely no regrets. Oh, and don’t forget to feed that tummy with something yummy. Cheers!