Many summer Instagram feeds would not be complete without posts from our peers frolicking through concerts, flower crowns and all. We throw away our identities as broke college students and pick up our festival wrist bands, exchanging our monthly grocery budgets for weekends of sheer bliss. However, the notorious financial nightmare doesn’t end at admittance to the festival.

Once through the gates, attendees find themselves in a culinary wonderland, from wood-fired pizzas to doughnut cheeseburgers, chocolate-covered-bacon to chimichurri fries. There is no doubt that these noms are a part of the music festival experience. However, for me it is an accomplishment to gather the funds for a ticket, never mind the finances for $20 meals throughout my weekend. Here are a handful of snacks that will keep your energy and budget up, packaged in sneakable sizes even security can’t pat down.

1. Chia Squeezes


Photo courtesy of @mindys_organics Instagram

With Omega-3’s, protein, and fiber, these pouches will fuel hours of dancing. From mango-coconut to veggie-infused green magic, the squeezes are perfectly portable. Flexible and compact, the pouch can easily be stored in boxer waistbands, bra cups, and many other nooks and crannies.

2. Peanut Butter Pouches


Photo courtesy of @justins on Instagram

Whether you’re an almond butter fanatic or honey-roasted-peanut enthusiast, this portable snack is energy to go. And just because you’re fueling from home doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on all exotic tastes. Flavors from “White Chocolate Wonderful” to “Cinnamon Raisin Swirl” ensure big flavor in little bites. Smaller than your palm and almost paper-thin, there is no place these pouches won’t fit.

3. Jerky


Photo courtesy of @krave on Instagram

For those of us who’s hunger cannot be quenched with squeezable fruit and nuts; I introduce to you portable protein with a meaty bite. Chewy, hearty, and thin enough to easily nip and tuck somewhere, jerky is the way to go.

4. Seaweed Snack


Photo courtesy of @seaweedsnack on Instagram

Salty, crisp, and chock-full of vitamins, this trending snack is perfectly portable. From chipotle to toasted onion, the flavors of roasted seaweed snack will prevent your tastebuds from missing out. The bites are paper-thin, so there’s no excuses when it comes to hiding these within your attire.

5. Energy Bites


Photo courtesy of @natureeats on Instagram

This is the most challenging snack, thrown in for our music-festival veterans. These home-made or store-bought bites are filled with the perfect balance of protein, vitamins, and healthy carbs; a couple of these will yield the energy from a sit down meal. Sneaking these in will challenge your creativity for the taste pleasures your tongue.

6. Dried Fruit


Photo courtesy of @ifromfarm on Instagram

The bulge of a fresh apple is not one easily concealed. However, when the craving for nature’s candy strikes, this does not mean one must submit to the notoriously overpriced watermelon slices. From the addictive Philippine brand of dried mango to crunchy banana chips, these sweet treats will save your wallet again and again.

7. Protein Bars


Photo courtesy of @bounceenergy on Instagram

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when the funds for a real meal are not available, these bars will save your butt. From fruit and nut mixes to straight protein bars, the plastic wrappers carry enough fuel to get you through an artist or two.

8. Hummus Pods


Photo courtesy of @veggiesa on Instagram

For our vegan and vegetarian friends, this is heaven sent. Whether you enjoy the protein-packed pod with pretzels, over a salad, or straight-up, the creamy goodness that is hummus will elevate and fuel you equally. The little pod can be hidden, creatively of course.

9. Fruit Leathers


Photo courtesy of @vegantreat on Instagram

Sweet and chewy, this childhood treat makes a comeback during summer shenanigans. With a variety of flavors (from blueberry-apple to mango-coconut), these individually packaged strips are a blood-sugar boost that is easily concealed.

10. Granola


Photo courtesy of @goodgrains on Instagram

Due to its chunky texture, this might be the most challenging snack to sneak. Granola is packed with healthy fats, carbs, and protein, deeming it a snack your mother would approve of. Its form encourages it being poured from the bag into an open mouth, perfect for a quick pick-me-up while running from stage to stage. While this will not slip inside a bra cup as easily as dried fruit or peanut butter squeezes, with a little creativity, granola is yours for the sneaking.