I eat a lot of fruit. And when I say a lot of fruit, I mean half of my diet is fruit and the other half is waffles and donuts. As you can tell, I live a very healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how I prep all my fruit so I can spend my day doing things worth my time—hopefully they’ll make your life a little easier, too.


Hack: Use a spoon to take the weird hairy skin off of a kiwi. It is way easier than using a peeler, and you won’t get that furry stuff all over you.


Hack: Slice the rind off of a grapefruit with a knife rather than peeling it with your fingers. This way you get rid of all of the pith and you’ll have perfectly segmented slices for a fancy ass breakfast.


Hack: Cutting a bunch of grapes in half? Sandwich those babies in between two plates and slice them all at once. Fruit Ninja ain’t got nothin’ on you.


Hack: Cut the top and bottom off of a clementine, then make a slice on its side to reveal easy grab-and-go bites. Pretty badass.


Hack: Use a straw to get rid of annoying strawberry leaves. Because it’s a strawberry, ya dummies. Get it?


Hack: Instead of putting your apple slices in a baggie like your mom packed your lunch for school, hold them together with an elastic band. And the slices won’t brown. Hell yeah.

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