These days, it seems as if you need an instruction manual to navigate the aisles of protein and snack bars. Each and every one on the shelf brags about being the ideal “on the go” bar to provide you with all the essential nutrients you need and enough energy to get you through that never ending stretch between lunch and dinner.

With labels such as “gluten free,” “vegan,” “low sugar,” and “protein packed,” it’s easy to become overwhelmed and tricked into grabbing the first one you may see, because hey, they’re all claiming to good for you and to be honest you’re just really really hangry.

But behind those labels of nutrition bars that flood the aisles are hidden ingredients that may not be the best for you, such as protein isolates, sugar alcohols, and “natural flavors” that really aren’t so natural.


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Throughout my search for the perfect protein bar, I had just about given up on finding one with the ideal combination of ingredients. Some contained far too much sugar, but if I wanted candy I would’ve just grabbed a Snickers. Others contained just the opposite, with the label screaming “sugar free.” However, they were secretly filled with sugar alcohols that left me feeling bloated, unsettled, and ultimately, deceived. I even tried the bars with every superfood imaginable and not a single unhealthy ingredient. But let’s be honest — those just tasted like grass.

I had just about given up on my quest for the protein bar of my dreams when I finally discovered Squarebars. Created for just about anyone’s active lifestyle, Squarebars are everything a nutrition bar should be. Energy packed. Filling. Healthy. Affordable. And most importantly, pretty damn tasty.

#SpoonTip: They’ve even an amazing addition to just about any breakfast.


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You’ve heard the phrase before — “ingredients you can pronounce.” Typically with nutrition bars, this title is a rare occurrence, but Squarebars make the impossible possible by sticking to the basics. No freaky chemicals. No freaky superfood components. Only all organic ingredients that can be read by a second grader: organic sprouted brown rice, organic coconut oil, organic gluten free oats, and organic dark chocolate. That’s it.


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At around 200 calories per bar with 12 grams of protein, Squarebars currently come in six different varieties: chocolate-coated almond crunch, chocolate-coated coconut, chocolate-coated mint, chocolate-coated cherry, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate-coated crunch.

And let’s be honest, what’s not to love about chocolate-coated anything?

Squarebars have basically become my new best friend. I trust that they’ll fill me up with simple, wholesome, and tasty ingredients. They’ve become my go-to healthy post-workout snack or the perfect snack to curb my hunger when I’m out and about. Finally, the search for my perfect protein bar is over.

#SpoonTip: Try adding chopped up Squarebars to your yogurt, smoothie bowls, or cereal for added protein and sweetness (or if you just want to treat yo’self).


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