Summer is upon us, and besides working double OT to make up for all those nights out this past semester, tis’ the season for concerts. Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to be on tour this summer. So how are you going to narrow it down? Choosing based on your favorite sweet treat, obvs:

1. Apple Pie — Luke Bryan


Photo courtesy of @lukebryan on Instagram

What’s as sweet, fulfilling, and heartwarming as right-out-of-the-oven apple pie? An outdoor country concert, complete with tailgating and swaying to the beat with your fellow countray fans. Luke Bryan is hitting all the major stadiums all season long, with Little Big Town and Dierks Bentley in tow. Now that’s my kind of night.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie — Paul McCartney


Photo courtesy of @paulmccartney on Instagram

This cookie has been a staple dessert since the 1930s when it was created. Another staple group in the world of music is of course, the Beatles, transcending generations of music. McCartney is on tour (seriously, does this guy ever take a break?!) and how can you say no to hearing “Yesterday” live?

3. Fruit Tart — Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas


Photo courtesy of @ddlovato on Instagram

You like light and refreshing, but still something that’s very much dessert, i.e. you know what you’re getting. Demi & Nick have been touring for a while, circa their Disney days, but they’re always bringing something new to the music scene (hence the tour name Future Now). 

4. Ice Cream — Coldplay


Photo courtesy of @marimps on Instagram

Always there when you need it, ice cream is your go-to whether you’re on top of the world or *tears are streaming down your face*. Rumored to be their last tour (cue those tears), Coldplay is a must-see this summer. It’ll melt your heart in both happiness and sadness, so be sure to stop for a scoop or two on the way home.

5. Smoothies and Bowls — Festivals


Photo courtesy of @coachella on Instagram

You like to keep the vibes good and the desserts healthy. Smoothies and bowls (of any variation, but acai is the best TBH) are not particular to a certain meal, but they count as desserts especially in the blazing hot summer. Plus, a lot of festivals sell them at their food stands, so you can enjoy some sweet tunes and treats all at once.

6. Cupcakes — Carrie Underwood


Photo courtesy of @carrieunderwood on Instagram

Underwood’s voice is full of power and can be hard to compete with, like the classic cupcake that you remain a fan of no matter what other options are on the table. Her show is sure to be jam-packed with old favorites and stellar tunes from her new albums.

7. Cheesecake — Drake


Photo courtesy of @champagnepapi on Instagram

Cheesecake is a cool dessert, and requires some serious skill to craft the perfect one. So does nailing those raps though, so if this is your fave, then you’re already off to the right start. His “Summer Sixteen” tour is going to be lit, so cool down with a slice of cheesecake.

8. Magic Cookie Bar — Justin Bieber


Photo courtesy of @justinbieber on Instagram

The Biebs has a lot of layers: gossip mag target, paparazzi fiasco, ballad charmer, and dancing machine, kinda like the magic cookie bar that literally has seven different elements. But it all combines to make one mouth-watering dessert. At the end of the day we’re all guilty of grabbing just one more bar, and cranking the volume on “Sorry.”

9. Macarons — The 1975


Photo courtesy of @the1975 on Instagram

Macarons are a bit quirky, yet trendy, and really don’t give a damn if you don’t like them. If macarons could ya know, talk. Similarly, the English alternative group, the 1975, is known for the same. If you like another dessert better, but still want to see them on tour, it’s not too late to have *a change of heart*.

10. Crème Brûlée — Beyoncé


Photo courtesy of @shaym on Instagram

You didn’t think I was going to forget about Yoncé, right? If crème brûlée is your choice, then you’re classy, fierce, and aren’t afraid of a little fire. You’re also in need of a concert to bring out the Queen in you. Maybe a little expensive, but like your choice dessert, nothing will keep you from enjoying what you love most. Oooook ladies, now let’s head to Beyoncé.

No matter what you choose, the concert line-up this summer is sure to be one huge party. Whether you want to dance the night away, snap pics galore, belt all those memorized lyrics, or all of the above, let loose and make the most out of Summer Sixteen. Drake said so.