I’m a big fan of movies containing food. To this day I still think about the chocolate cake scene in Matilda (BRUCE. BRUCE.). I’m also a big fan of eating while watching movies. I asked my family and friends what the best and wackiest food to sneak into a movie theater and here is what they said:

1. Grilled Cheese


Photo courtesy of @MatthewWhyte on flickr.com

I have seen firsthand, a grilled cheese sandwich brought into a movie theater. I remember vividly watching Leonard DiCaprio devour raw bison liver on screen while my friend grabbed a grilled cheese out of his pocket and began to chow down. All you need is a couple of napkins and you’re all set for transportation.

2. Tacos


Photo courtesy of @EntropyQ on flickr.com

I once snuck Taco Bell into a movie. My Crunch Wrap went well with the sixth Harry Potter movie. Chipotle is also easily portable and a burrito bowl can fit into any purse or bag.

3. Egg Rolls


Photo courtesy of @kattebelletje on flickr.com

I had lunch with my cousin at a Chinese restaurant one time and she packaged up the egg rolls and stuck them in her purse. We then went to the movies where she broke them out an hour after lunch, soy sauce and all. We still talk about that to this day.

4. A Footlong Meatball Sub


Photo courtesy of @SavorEverything on flickr.com

I commend anyone who can pull off this feat. A meatball sub is messy, bulky and perfect to enjoy while watching a movie. Stop by your closest sandwich shop before going to the cinema.

5. Freshly Baked Cookies


Photo by Hanna Lundgren

Why should the smell of freshly baked cookies only exist at home? Check out the best Pinterest recipes for chocolate chip cookies and pack them for the movie. Maybe even a water bottle full of milk for that extra classic influence.

6. Fried Chicken


Photo by Amanda Friedman

The true American comfort food is perfect for a day at the movies. Fried chicken is a good meal (or snack) to enjoy while kicking back and enjoying a new flick.

7. Ice Cream


Photo by Becky Hughes

What better place to escape a hot summer day than at the movies? Pack up that cooler with a pint or two of your favorite Ben and Jerry’s, forget the beach and head on over to your local cinema.

8. Leftover Pasta


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

That pasta had to be either eaten or thrown away at some point right?

At this point you should probably look in your fridge and pack whatever you see first into the bag you’re bringing to the movie. They won’t suspect a thing.