It’s the most wonderful time of the year again – summer. Time to hang out with your friends, enjoy the sun, and best of all: go to the beach. What’s a more perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer than to talk about food? Bringing the perfect food to the beach can be essential to the summer experience. Typically the best and most refreshing types of foods to have on any good beach day are cold and easy to handle. Not sure what to bring? No worries, we’ve got your back.

1. Wraps


Photo by Morgan Willie

Any type of wrap is a great snack for the beach. They’re easy to hold, and they won’t make a huge mess. The best part about wraps is that there are so many different ingredients you can put inside. Mix and match ingredients to never be bored, and everyone can personalize their own wrap to their individual liking. Chicken Caesar wraps, roasted veggies, classic ham and turkey, and so much more.

#SpoonTip: Feel free to label your wraps with a marker on the wrapping (tinfoil or plastic) to help people find their wraps easier.

2. Sandwiches


Photo courtesy of @highstreetdeli on Instagram

If wraps are not your thing, sandwiches are just as great. Sandwiches also require low maintenance and can be customizable, plus biting into a perfect sandwich can feel refreshing. Sandwiches are also not too filling or heavy, and they can go great with a small snack on the side.

3. Chips and Salsa


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Chips are an essential beach snack. The saltiness and crispiness of the chips can go great with the hot sun, a cool drink, and a refreshing lunch. Chips are light, easy to eat, and very popular amongst most groups of people. To spice things up a bit, bringing salsa is definitely worth the hassle. Don’t feel like going to the store? Check out this great salsa recipe.

4. Carrots/Pretzels and Hummus


Photo by Parisa Soraya

On a health kick? Not a problem. Baby carrots, celery, and pretzels with hummus are a great substitute for chips. This easy finger food is great to share with your friends a the beach. Although not as salty, the fresh vegetables and hummus can feel great after sweating under the hot sun. The best part is that this snack is low in calories and won’t fill you up too much before dinner.

5. Fruit


Photo by Alison Lie

One of the most refreshing snacks to bring on any beach day is some freshly cut up fruit. Juicy fruits are great in hot temperatures. Who wouldn’t love to eat a refreshing watermelon on the beach? Having some fresh grapes, pineapple, mangos, or strawberries scream tropical paradise.

6. Iced Tea/Lemonade/Sodas/Adult Beverages


Photo by Alison Lie

Looking for something perfect to quench your thirst on a hot summers day? Bringing a type of drink other than water is always a good idea. Nothing embodies summer as well as drinking a fresh and fruity drink on the beach. Iced tea, lemonade, Capri Suns, sodas, or seltzers are great, and for those of you above 21, you know what to bring.

7. Potato Salad/Cole Slaw


Photo by Kirby Barth

Potato salads and cole slaws are the ultimate side dish for any summer meal. These cold dishes taste great and can go well with many dishes. Whether you’re at a BBQ or just chilling out at the beach, a potato salad or some cole slaw will taste delicious.

8. Salad


Photo courtesy of @thefoodshoveler on Instagram

Salads are a great, light dish to enjoy while at the beach. Although not as compact as a sandwich or wrap, a salad can have some of the same ingredients but in larger quantities. Feel free to add fruit into your salads to add a new level of freshness and sweetness to your meal.