Buffalo chicken wings and dip have ruled the buff chick world for so long, but it is now time to broaden our horizons a little. Looking for a new hot and cheesy twist on all of your favorite foods? Here are all of your most-loved entrees in buffalo chicken form.

1.  Buffalo Chicken Muffins

buffalo chicken recipes

Photo courtesy of Lil’ Luna

The perfect appetizer loaded with chicken, ranch, cheese, buffalo sauce and much more! Check out this awesome recipe by Lil’ Luna to see just what is inside these lil’ things.

2. Buffalo Chicken & Rice Nachos

Photo courtesy of Knorr

A great game day (every day) dish that everyone will love. Who doesn’t like nachos? Better yet, buffalo chicken style.

3. Buffalo Chicken Wraps (With Avocado)

Photo courtesy of Alida’s Kitchen

Want the buffalo chicken flavor but not the extra calories? Forget the mayo and swap it for this delicious creamy avocado and Greek yogurt sauce. Your lunch wrap will never be the same.

4. Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bowls

Photo courtesy of Pretty Providence

Thank Hidden Valley for your new favorite spin on buffalo chicken. Look at how mouthwatering these Southwestern-style bowls with Greek yogurt dressing are.

5. Open Face Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

buffalo chicken recipes

Photo by Colleen Daly

Don’t worry, this sandwich doesn’t discriminate. Gluten free, dairy free and vegan options are available. Now everyone can fulfill their buffalo chicken desires.

6. Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks

Photo courtesy of inspired taste

Cut it, dip it, eat it, love it. Savor the flavor and go back for another. These pizza sticks are your new best friend.

7. Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Photo courtesy of Andie Mitchell

Forget the celery, it’s all about Frank’s hot sauce. Besides, you can’t live without a crispy chicken tender.

8. Buffalo Chicken Soup

Photo courtesy of doughmesstic

All of you soup lovers out there, here’s your new go-to. This may be low on the carbs but definitely not low on the flavor.

9. Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Photo courtesy of Tammy Kresge

Add buffalo chicken to your favorite food and take it to another level.

10. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

buffalo chicken recipes

Photo by Max Faucher

Ready for game day in just under 30 minutes. Warning: you might get addicted.