If you’re a die-hard vegetarian, vegan or fan of organically sourced food, chances are you’ve heard of Amy’s Kitchen. This food supplier has been a leader in conscious freezer food for decades. Their products have brought comfort to all those with dietary restrictions with great convenience and flavor. Now they’re bringing their vision to fast-food.

Come visit our Amy’s drive thru in Rohnert Park! So yummy.

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A number of research groups have written about how millennials are actively changing the fast-food scene. Our generation demands food with better flavor and attention to the integrity of the ingredients. Amy’s Drive Thru is catering to the heightened food preferences and dietary restrictions of millennials with an entire menu of organic recipes made from scratch.

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Their menu features fan favorites like their burgers, burritos and, of course, mac and cheese, all of which are vegetarian. For everything that they offer, you can also ask for a vegan or gluten-free version, including milkshakes!

Photo courtesy of tumblr.com user “The Huffington Post”

Not only are they extremely conscious about accommodating dietary restrictions, they also have their eye on sustainability. Over 95% of their ingredients are certified organic, nothing contains GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) and their veggies are locally sourced from a neighboring farm.

Amy’s Drive Thru is now open in Rohnert Park! Organic vegan non-GMO drive thru. #awesomness #amysdrivethru

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Amy’s Kitchen is paving the way for a new kind of fast-food. They are proving that you can have consciously sourced ingredients, a menu that considers all eaters, and delicious food, all while keeping prices low and service fast.