If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about EatStreet before, listen up. EatStreet is an application that lets you order different foods right from your phone. Sounds just like the rest of the delivery apps out there, doesn’t it?

Let me tell you why it will make your friends, especially the ones who use any of its competitors, jealous. Between the cheap prices, fast delivery times, and typically free delivery, they will realize that you really know what’s up when it comes to Syracuse delivery.

Papa John’s Pizza – Westcott

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$14.74 is the typical price you would pay for a large 1-topping pizza from Papa John’s. Don’t tell your friends, but EatStreet will offer you one for $3.99 which means that you can order 4 pies for the price of one. You literally can’t go wrong with these deals.

Beer Belly Deli & Pub

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Did someone mention “Free Delivery”? When you don’t want to cook yourself a meal or leave the house to pick something up, there is no better thing you can hear. Use GrubHub and delivery from Beer Belly will cost you an extra two dollars, and nobody wants that. Get your favorite waffle fries and meaty sandwich with no extra delivery costs when you use EatStreet.


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As Syracuse students, we all live for an occasional stop in Calios on the way home from the bars. Their mouth-watering calzones filled with anything and everything are so great that you are always tempted to make it weigh a pound for just an extra buck.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, EatStreet offers to make any calzone that you order a pound for only $0.25. Order your favorite calzone to be delivered to your house by the time you get there with these deals that will make your friends beyond jealous.

Firudo Asian Food & Bar

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Waiting for delivery is quite simply one of the worst activities that anyone can endure. From 2.5 miles away, EatStreet will get some of the greatest asian food in Syracuse to your doorstep in only 45 minutes–trust me I’ve tried it. Your friends will still be waiting for their Bleu Monkey when you have already finished your sushi from Firudo.

The Burger Joint

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Want all of these advantages from one restaurant? Order from The Burger Joint and get two burgers and two fries for $16.99, delivery cost of only $1.50, 45 minute delivery time from 2.5 miles away, as well as a new experience from a less known restaurant in Syracuse. Share the other burger and fries with a friend and tell them all about EatStreet, because they should really be using it too.

The app is available for both iOS and Android, so anyone can enjoy these delicious deals just by making the switch with us to EatStreet, today. You can earn $3 off your first $10 order on the app, using this code: FEED3U. The code is only valid through April 26th, so don’t miss out.

This post is sponsored by EatStreet.

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