Sliders, craft beer, boozy milkshakes, chipotle ketchup, and a catchphrase of “No crap on tap”- what else could you want from your local burger place?


Photo courtesy of @food_ihysm on Instagram

Starting at $3.99, you can order two classic sliders at Harry’s Bar & Burger, and if you’re absolutely famished, you can add a third slider for just half the price. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, there are also BBQ pulled pork and spiced Cajun turkey options. For the hot dog lovers, there are a few options on the menu to please your palette.

Harry’s has also upped the anti with their booze. The craft beer they serve makes this place a little classier than your average burger joint. In addition, they serve really creative cocktails and lets not forget about the HARD MILKSHAKES.


Photo Courtesy of @harrysbarburger on Instagram

Just when you think that it couldn’t get any better, Harry’s offers an amazing happy hour deal: Monday through Friday from 3 to 5, sliders are half off. Yes, half off. $2 for two classic sliders. As a broke college girl, there honestly is nothing better.

The only complaint about Harry’s that I have is that the fries are not included. The problem with this is that the fries, especially the sweet potato fries, are an absolute necessity. However, the price of the sides are totally reasonable, considering they serve you a whole basket. Regular fries are only $2.50, sweet potato fries are $3.75, and onion rings are $4.49.


Photo Courtesy of @401eats on Instagram

Harry’s has been named #1 burger in Rhode Island, and with two separate locations, Harry’s On the Hill (located on Federal Hill) and Harry’s On Main (located on North Main Street), it has never been easier to get your burger fix.