Everyone knows that New Haven is a foodie’s paradise, and we are especially thankful for that as we break out our parkas and prepare to watch the sun set during class. But as the majority of us cherish chicken burritos from Salsa Fresca and feast on bacon, egg and cheeses from GHeav, we overlook the struggles of the vegetarian foodies.

But never fear, Yale Spoon has constructed a guide to navigating the vegetarian food scene that will leave even meat lovers’ mouths watering with envy.


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Start your day with a quick stroll down Chapel and you are bound to stumble upon B-Natural Café. Here, you definitely can’t go wrong with the All-Natural Oatmeal topped off with some brown sugar, bananas, and almonds. (Beware: this breakfast might just turn you into a morning person.)
Don’t head off without picking up an Energizer juice for the road. This blend of ginger, apple, lemon and cucumber will give you that extra boost you need to crank out your pset before noon.



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As Commons floods with your friends devouring wings and burgers, don’t worry because with a little help from Claire’s Corner Copia and the New Haven Salad Shop, you too will be feasting. Claire’s Corner Copia (on the corner of Chapel and College…but you already knew that) is what I like to think of as the beating heart of New Haven’s vegetarian food scene.
Choose anything from the soy buffalo-chicken filled Fire Island Sandwich to the guacamole-topped Quesadilla Tia Juana and be confident that after a short wait your taste buds will beg for more. Featured above is a delish egg-white omelette so good that you won’t even miss the meat.
For days when you are feeling a bit more creative head on over to High Street, where the New Haven Salad Shop is waiting for you!

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Here, you can create a perfect mix of fresh vegetables and protein that will have everyone wondering when boxed lunches got so delicious.


Start the weekend off with a bang! Our Signature Firecracker Sake bomb coupled with our favorite rolls!

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By now, if you’re anything like me, you try to see which one of your friends is up to make a sushi run before spending the night figuring out how to finish (read: start) your research paper due in the morning. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the well-loved Sushi On Chapel, but if you’re feeling adventurous, make your way over to Miya’s on Howe Street.
Keep your mind open and fall in love with flavors you never thought you’d find in sushi (like coconut…what?!). Unlike some other spots, Miya’s continues its trend of innovative preparation with dessert sushi.


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The Seven Deadly Sushi promises sun-dried bananas, cashew butter, strawberries, and is finished off with coconut olive-oil ice cream. This is one dessert you won’t regret.


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