Echoes, one of the most uniquely-conceptualized cafés located in the foodie hub of the south campus, has rolled out an exciting menu called 'Echonomics' to keep the 'fun in the food' experience alive.

While we are all been enamored with its cone-pizza and a plethora of other items, they have managed to win out hearts again this time with the launch of the new food items, which are so delicious that we are genuinely hungry! Here are some of our favorites from their new menu.

1. Paan Shake

Bhavya Bansal

This drink is undeniably all Paan. Never before has a fusion of Indian flavours in a drink left us so refreshed. One sip, and you know the supari and saunf are working their magic. 

2. Fiery Chicken 

chicken, sauce, pork, chicken wings
Bhavya Bansal

The chicken is on fire as it is served to you. We are not kidding, it is literally on fire and it is so tempting to look at. It has the right amount of crisp, thickness, and crunch that makes it one of the best crispy chicken dishes we have ever had. It had the right amount of seasoning without too many superfluous spices.

3. Pasta Topsy Turvy

butter, sauce
Shubhang Sharma

This pasta is a ride of wholesome flavors. Rich in jarred red sauce, every bite will bring a new flavor to your tongue, and will intrigue the gourmand in you. A must-try for every food lover out there.

4. Indian Burger

Shubhang Sharma

A juicy burger stuffed with loads of veggies. The Indian burger is a delicious twist on the regular burger. The bun was fresh and the patty was freshly made with the right amount of spices. The burger is served with fries and a dip, which complements it well.

5. Paneer Makhani Pizza

Bhavya Bansal

A vegetarian's delight, this pizza is wholesome and filling. The toppings were generous and your stomach will be full by the end of it.

6. Frozen Paan

Bhavya Bansal

If the idea of a paan-tastic experience isn't enough, the frozen paans being served had two flavours: mixed fruit and mango. With frozen Paan, it is such a different sensation in the mouth that you have a hard time guessing the ingredients. But the freshness strikes your senses hard.

Drooling already, aren't you? Head to Echoes now and try the new menu out. You can thank us later.