There are many bars in Portland, Maine that offer a proper introduction to the city's local drinking scene. These bars offer a plethora of special mixed drinks to get a classy buzz (or drunk) because adulting is hard. Low-key, these bars have amazing food as well.


This cozy bar in Portland, Maine is well priced, and serves bougie local beers. This is the perfect bar to catch up with a friend or have a date night, it's somewhat quiet and sophisticated. The atmosphere is perfect when you're trying to feel bougie. 

2. Bearded Lady's Jewel Box

Bearded Lady's Jewel Box serves noteworthy mixed drinks that will still get you turnt, but with class. These bougie flavors will definitely hold you over for your night out at the bars in Portland.

3. Sonny's Restaurant

onion, chips
Lydia Belden

Sonny's Restaurant offers a variety of tasteful mixed drinks and appetizers that won't let your tastebuds down. This spot is located right in the heart of the Old Port. This refurbished bank has the tastiest brunch menu that you will not want to miss!

4. Rhum Food + Grog

Rhum Food + Grog is a modern twist on tiki bars, with excellent happy hour and experiencing the abyss of your night to come. Taco Tuesday's are the best night at this bar.

5. Hunt & Alpine Club

tea, beer, coffee
Lydia Belden

Portland Hunt & Alpine Club offers some bougie and tasty cocktails to Portland Maine. Adventure outside your comfort zone after all Maine is all about the outdoors! If you cozy up to their Hunt + Alpine S'mores you won't be disappointed. 

6. The North Point

North Point is a hidden gem with a great menu, cocktails, and old-fashion friendly service. The happy hour is on point. On Monday nights grab half priced bottles wine! 

7. Bramhall 

The modern speakeasy is tucked away on Congress St. Bramhall feels like an underground ski chalet bar because the wall behind the bar is stoney, and has low lighting with big wooden beams, plus the food and drinks are bougie af.

8. Liquid Riot Bottling Company

In addition to a bar, Liquid Riot brews up their own beers and is right on the waterfront on Commercial Street in the Old Port. What could be better than good beer and games of pool?

9. Bissell Brothers

People wait in line for about 45 minutes (or longer) just to get a four delicious cans of Bissell Brothers' beer. They are that amazing. Located out by Thompson's Point, it is definitely a tap room you do not want to miss!

10. Bar of Chocolate

Alcohol and chocolate? What a perfect combo! Bar of Chocolate delivers amazing cocktails and desserts. Get your fix of coffee with an espresso martini or start strong with some absinthe, and then hit the other bars on Wharf Street.