If there was an Olympic competition for “Orders the most takeout,” I guarantee you I would bring home the winning gold. In fact, there is a running joke (though I prefer the term ‘fun fact’) in my sorority that every time the doorbell rings, it’s probably my food delivery. It’s no surprise that I love food, especially when the food is delivered to my front door. Some may even say I’m dangerously teetering on the brink of an addiction to having food delivered to me. But you know what I say to the haters? Honestly, probably nothing. My mouth is too full of delicious takeout.

Sometimes I just can’t help but give in when I’m craving a delectable meal that can be in my hands within minutes. So if you’re anything like me, then I promise you this handful of restaurants won’t disappoint.

1. Pagliacci


Photo courtesy of @pagliaccipizza on Instagram

Pagliacci pizza is arguably the best pizza I’ve ever had in Seattle. Trust me when I say my opinion is valid, because I’ve tried one too many pizza places here.

Pagliacci’s crusts have just the right amount of thickness and aren’t crumbly at all (hate those because they get everywhere, ya feel me?). And their flavors. Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a new slice of pizza there and not liked it. I heard once that Pagliacci’s food is known for having “soul,” and I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.

During spring quarter, I had a bit of a Pagliacci phase in which I’m pretty sure I craved it everyday, and ordered it at least once every week. Yeah, it was bad. For my wallet. Definitely not me. Anyway, I think it got to a point where they started to remember me (I’d be disappointed if the delivery guy doesn’t recognize me by now) because when I ordered a small pizza during finals week, they gave me a large one instead. You can’t even imagine the look of utter shock and joy illuminating my face as the delivery guy told me that they ‘accidentally’ made me a large pizza. Accident or not, this place is my fave and it might be yours soon enough. Who knows, maybe you’ll rack up enough brownie points to ‘accidentally’ score a large pizza too.

Delivery hours: Sun-Thurs 5-11 PM and Fri-Sat 4 PM-12 AM.

Recommended: Margherita pizza.

Bonus: Caesar salad.

2. Jimmy John’s


Photo courtesy of @jimmyjohns on Instagram

If I could describe Jimmy John’s in four words beginning with ‘c’, I’d say it’s cheap, convenient, consistent, and could-never-disappoint. I know I know, that last one’s not a word. But it’s undeniably true that you are guaranteed an above average sandwich will show up at your doorstep within ten minutes each time you order from JJ’s.

In addition to receiving your amazing sandwich, you’ll probably be greeted with a warm smile. I don’t think I’ve met a single JJ’s delivery guy who wasn’t cheerful or genuine. Jimmy John’s always uses fresh, high quality ingredients to make you an unforgettable sandwich, so never fret. As exhausted college students, we all understand the struggle of being lazy and not wanting to make our own food, so why go without a ‘freaky fresh’ sandwich that’s only a dial or click away?

Delivery hours: Sun-Thurs 10:30 AM-12 AM and Fri-Sat 10:30 AM-2 AM.

Recommended: Any of their 8” sub sandwiches (personally I prefer their “Totally Tuna” sub, but not everyone shares my affinity for tuna).

Fun fact: There’s a rumor floating around that JJ’s delivery guys have a bit of a wild side, so they may or may not turn down the occasional offer to shotgun a brewski when delivering on Greek row.

3. Paul’s Italian Kitchen at Earl’s on the Ave


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

Ah, the famous Earl’s on the Ave. Paul’s Italian Kitchen has the kind of $5 value meal you’d incessantly call 200 times for without hesitating and putting your phone down before they finally pick up. Believe me. I know because I’ve done it, and I have the actual screenshot on my phone to prove it. That level of dedication should tell you just how finger licking good their fried munchies are.

For a mere $5 ($4 if you pay with cash), you’ll get a whole lot more than you asked for. Every item on the menu comes with sizzling hot waffle fries with just the right amount of grease to settle your alcohol-induced cravings.

Earl’s has everything American your stomach could possibly be growling for on a late night: corn dogs, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, chicken burger, cheese quesadilla, wings, fried ravioli, onion rings. Need I say more? And that’s not even the full list.

Their popularity on campus doesn’t go unnoticed, which is why you may need to call a few times before actually getting ahold of them. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sun 10 PM–2 AM and ALL DAY Sunday.

Recommended: Grilled cheese with fries or chicken burger with fries.

Fun fact: One of the operators is called Angus, and he’s super dope because he gave me free ranch one time. So don’t forget to say hi when you order.

4. A Pizza Mart


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

When I think of A-mart, I think of my freshman year in college. It was pretty much guaranteed that every blurry night I had would be accompanied with whatever pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce, and carb-loaded meal A-mart would bring to my house. I honestly ordered it so often that my olfactory senses could recognize it anywhere with just a whiff.

A-mart’s pizza’s got just the right amount of grease and just the right crunch in their crust to induce a food coma. This restaurant’s especially late delivery hours make it a popular choice among students who find themselves awake before right the sun rises.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sun 10 AM-4 AM.

Recommended: Cheese or pepperoni pizza.

Bonus: Pizza Mart Special.

5. Domino’s


Photo courtesy of @dominos on Instagram

I know the article title says places on the Ave, but did you really think I wouldn’t mention Domino’s? Their national and international presence makes their pizza a timeless choice, especially for near-broke college kids wanting to feed their insatiable hunger.

Whatever you order from Domino’s won’t disappoint because their pizza’s thick crust and flavorful toppings are well worth the money you’re paying. Furthermore, the scrumptious pizza is piled on with so many layers of cheesy goodness, that grabbing a slice will leave a Mozzarella and Parmesan trail stretching for miles until you take your first bite. Is your mouth watering yet? Well then, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sun 10 AM-1 AM.

Recommended: BBQ chicken or Hawaiian pizza.

Bonus: Check out the Student Survival Guide (you can download the smartphone app) to use one of their many promotions and discount codes.

6. Thaiger Room


Photo courtesy of @jessjessicawang on Instagram

You didn’t think I was gonna leave you with just pizza, sandwich and burger options did ya? Of course I have to throw some Asian food into the mix. Thaiger Room is one of the better Thai restaurants on the Ave, and it’s the only one that delivers to your front door. The only downside to their delivery service is that you have to order a minimum of $20, so make sure you have a fellow friend who also has a ravenous appetite for zesty Thai entrées.

Their specialty is stir-fried goodness seasoned with fiery spices that may scorch your tongue. However, if you can’t handle spicy food no matter how hard you wish your taste buds would muster up the courage, then you can always ask them for no spice and they’ll gladly understand.

Mmmmm. Just writing about Thaiger Room makes me want to order one of their savory delights.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM-9:30 PM.

Recommended: Chicken Pad Thai.

Bonus: Try one of their mouthwatering curry dishes.

So there you have it. I realize this article may not paint me as the healthiest eater, but life’s too short to deprive yourself. What are the odds you think I ordered takeout while writing this article? I’ll give you a hint: Pretty high.