Whether you eat them cold or put it in the toaster, Pop-Tarts are an excellent breakfast pastry or mid-afternoon snack. When deciphering what Pop-Tart to eat next, individuals rarely deviate from their favorites. However, indulging in the same flavors over and over can become quite mundane.

Luckily, Kellogg's has answered our prayers and spiced things up a bit by introducing wacky and unique flavors. Despite our profound love for soda or bacon, there are just certain things that should not be topped or infused into a Pop-Tart.

Although completely grossed out, I decided to taste test and rank the best to the worst weirdest Pop-tarts. I ranked them from one being the best to five being the absolute worst.  

1. Blue Raspberry 

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Alex Frank

If it's a fruit-flavored Pop-Tart, it must be good, right? Not exactly. This artificial fruit treat tastes like a blue raspberry jolly rancher mixed with milk and powdered sugar. Although it wasn't the greatest Pop-Tart I've ever eaten, it's definitely the best of the five. 

2. Maple Bacon

candy, sweet, cake, cream, chocolate, dairy product, cake mix, milk, goody, pastry
Alex Frank

With frosting and tiny specks that look like bacon on the top, this Pop-Tart smells up the entire room the minute you open the box.   Don't get me wrong, bacon is amazing. But put meat flavoring in a Pop-Tart and I'm out. Tasting like straight maple syrup, this pastry was not as bad as I expected. 

3. A&W Rootbeer 

chocolate, sweet, milk
Alex Frank

What goes better with your breakfast meal then a carbonated beverage? Kellogg's must have gone to great lengths to make sure this sweet but faintly spicy treat replicated A&W Root Beer. Each bite gets worse as it becomes too rich and flavorful for my taste buds to handle. 

4. Watermelon

bread, cheese, dairy product, sweet, candy, toast
Alex Frank

With watermelon being my all time favorite flavor, I had extremely high expectations. Unfortunately, after taking one bite, I had trouble even swallowing this blindly fake flavor. I couldn't help but think of that repulsive fruit-flavored toothpaste they sell in order to get kids to brush their teeth.  

5. Orange Crush

sweet, cake, cheese, cream
Alex Frank

There's nothing I regret more than taking a single bite of this piece of garbage. Imagine the after taste of orange juice sitting in your mouth for days... absolutely terrible. With too much of an orange tang, this sickly sweet but sour Pop-Tart is NOT something I would purchase again. 

After tasting some of the nastiest flavors and experiencing the ultimate sugar high, I can say I still absolutely love Pop-Tarts. With a different flavor for every occasion or mood, you cannot go wrong trying any of these pastries — no matter how sweet.