Buying a gift for the Gen Z food-loving friend in your life is really quite easy. You could get them a gift card to their fave restaurant or cafe. You could put together a basket of their most-loved snacks like Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Cool Ranch Doritos, and Pringles. But let's be honest. Those options are fully expected. And for your culinary-obsessed bestie, you've got to do better. 

Don't fret. We've put together a list of some very cute, very affordable, and very useful gifts. Some are great if they are in need of some kitchen accessories. Others are just really damn adorable food-related gifts. Almost all the products on this list are under $50, so you don't have to splurge to spoil your foodie friend. Here are the best gifts for Gen Z foodie.

For the friend moving into their first apartment kitchen:

1. Carote 8" & 10" Nonstick Frying Pans Set, $35.99

Image by Amazon

A really good set of non-stick cookware is an essential in the kitchen. This set comes in a really pretty white granite color with a super durable non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning very easy.

2. PY Home & Sports Cotton Dish Towels Set, $26.99

Image by Amazon

Washing and drying dishes, wiping down the counters, squeezing out excess moisture from grated zucchini all require a good dish towel. These have a waffle texture, come in neutral colors, and are super cheap.

3. UTALENT 5-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender, $49.99

Image by Amazon

No one has room for an entire blender in their first apartment. That's why this immersion blender is a perfect alternative. It can whip up a green goddess dressing in no time, make a creamy fruit smoothie every single morning, and chop up veggies for prep. Plus, it comes with a whisk attachment so no need for an electric hand mixer either.

4. Umite Chef Kitchen 33 Piece Cooking Utensils Set, $27.05

Image by Amazon

This utensils set has literally everything one needs for kitchen tools. It's got tongs, spatulas, spoons, a whisk, measuring cups and spoons, and a container to hold everything.

5. Bekith 6-Pack Drinking Glasses, $29.99

Image by Amazon

What we love about these drinking glasses is how cute yet versatile they are. The vintage textured design makes them look fancy and expensive, and the tumbler shape means they work for cocktails, beer, juice, or water.

6. Bamboo 1" Thick Butcher Block Wood Cutting Board, $21.69

Image by Amazon

A good cutting board is a necessity in the kitchen. You could go with a cheaper, plastic one, but they can be flimsy. This thick wooden one takes a bit more care, but will last  long after you upgrade your kitchen. To clean it, wash with dish soap. Every few week scrub with a half a lemon, baking powder, and salt. Rinse with hot water, let dry, and rub with mineral oil.

7. BINO Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Sheet Baking Tray Set 3-Piece, $20.99

Image by Amazon

For baking, roasting, and broiling, every cook need a good sheet tray set. This one is non-stick (our preferred material) and comes in a very cute black speckled pattern.

For the avid at-home cook looking to up their culinary game:

8. EHME Ceramic Egg Spoon Rest, $9.99

Image by Amazon

This spoon rest is adorable. It will keep all the spoon-y mess inside the sunny-side up design.

9. Concrete Salt and Pepper Cellar with Lid, $12.95

Image by Etsy

Get salty with a salt cellar. That's just a fancy term for a small container for salt that sits within arm's reach of the stove. Pinch and season away!

10. Beautiful by Drew Barrymore 6QT Enamel Dutch Oven, $69.97

Photo by Walmart

A Dutch oven is a little bit of a splurge. But it's another item that can last for decade. We love the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore collection because it's affordable, comes in several muted colors, and is very durable. Plus, it'll likely be on sale for the holiday season!

11. 18-Jar Acacia Wood Spice Rack, $47.99

Photo by Crate & Barrel

You could keep your spices tucked away in a cabinet, or you could have them beautifully displayed on your counter at the ready for seasoning. You'll easily be able to pull out any labeled spice and know when you've run out. And this one comes with the jars and spices!

12. Poliviar French Press Coffee Maker, $38.99

Image by Amazon

Your food-loving friend probably already has a coffee maker, maybe a single-serve Keurig. But why not upgrade their caffeine game with a really good and really sleek French press. This one comes in several modern colors and will make a sediment-free, aromatic cup of coffee every single morning.

13. Metsa Tray Green by Kauniste, $33

Image by Little Otsu

Looking to make hosting a little easier? This gorgeous tray made from Scandinavian Birch veneer is the perfect vessel for a pre-dinner snack plate.

14. Floral Just with Spout, $30

Image by Salter House

Fill this cottage-core jug with wine, water, a batch cocktail, beer or whatever else you are sipping on during your next gathering.

15. The Fishwife Smoky Trio, $33

Image by Fishwife

Tinned fish is having a moment. Celebrate with your friends with this trio of Fishwife tinned perfection. It comes with smoked rainbow trout from Idaho, smoked albacore tuna from off the Pacific coast, and smoked Atlantic salmon from Norway. Add in some crackers and a bow, and the gift is complete.

For the food-obsessed bestie who already has a stocked kitchen:

16. Green Spring Onion Beaded Earrings, $39.60

Image by Kalbu Dreams

These are beyond adorable. Any food-loving person is going to wear these daily. But if this veggie isn't their thing, the brand also sells the same earrings but in bok choy, tomato, strawberry, lemon, pear, and carrot form.

17. Croissant Candle, $9.92

Image by Etsy

"Un croissant, s'il vous plaît." 

Coming right up! In candle-form that is. 

18. Food-Themed Chopstick Rests, $3

Image by Wing on Wo & Co

They need a place to put their chopsticks. Why not make it a really cute, food-related place? There are 16 difference foods to choose from, from persimmon to toast.

19. Linen Embroidered Table Cloth, $38

Photo by Etsy

Got a friend who loves to host? This delicate embroidered table cloth is a personal gift that will add a layer of cottage core to their home. 

20. Vintage Cheese Poster, $13.33

Photo by Etsy

Everybody loves cheese. Why not display that love with a vintage poster?

21. Pierogi Ornament, $10

Image by Etsy

The tree has never looked this delicious.

22. "Meats" Hat, $49.99

Image by Old Jewish Men of New York

Nope, that's not a Mets hat. That's a meats hat. It's only for the biggest fans of prosciutto, hot dogs, pastrami, pork souvlaki, and meatballs.

23. "Red Sauce" T-Shirt, $25

Image by Pizza Marvin

Oh, you thought we were done with the baseball food references? Never. We recommend purchasing this if your parents, siblings, partner, or friends are big Red Sox fans. They will do a double-take when seeing it on you.

24. "To Start" Print by Libby Haines, $38

Image by Libby Haines

Libby Haines has pages of her printed work on her website with tons of beautiful food scenes you'll want to have in your home. This one depicts grazing plates of olives, pickles, fish, oysters, and some boozy beverages.

25. Medium Red Tomato Candle, $22

Image by Nonna's Grocer

I know it's hard to believe, but that is actually a candle. Nonna's Grocers is known for their tomato, citrus, and pepper candles that look was too delicious to actually light. 

26. Horchata Candle, $18.95

Image by Etsy

Fill the whole house with the sweet, warming aromas of horchata. And after you've burned it all, you get a gorgeous mug to keep.

27. Vegetable Farmer's Market Art Print, $32.50

Image by Etsy

This linoleum block print brings the bounty of the garden to the walls of the house. It features garlic, carrots, onions, and beets, radishes in this vibrant gold and teal color way we are obsessed with.