You know how perfume ads don’t tell you what the scent is, but instead show you how you will feel while wearing it? Here’s how I would describe Crumb Couture.

No rush to be anywhere, just in a good mood to sit down and sip some coffee, maybe do some people-watching at the cafe. Crisp air perfect for your favorite scarf and a warm, cozy coat, but bright and brilliant rays of sunlight for some sunglasses to complete the look. Enjoying a jammy little pastry with tiny golden flakes falling over your lap. A playful freshness distilled in a pool of warm decadence.

As soon as I heard about Crumb Couture, lovingly referred to as the “croissant perfume,” I knew I had to get my hands on the bottle and try it out for myself. Maybe related to my sweet tooth, I have a soft spot for gourmand fragrances — fragrances with delicious, edible qualities to their scent. Think caramel, chocolate, vanilla, cotton candy, or bubblegum. My favorite scent of the gourmands has to be vanilla and how soft and heavy the scent feels. Reminiscent of cashmere scarves and fresh snow, I love feeling the warmth and the weight of vanilla fragrances. Curious about how the coziness and decadence of a flaky, buttery croissant fragrance would compare to that of a sweet and creamy vanilla bean fragrance, I decided to wear the Crumb Couture fragrance for a week and investigate the results.

The aesthetics

The packaging for Crumb Couture was adorable. The fragrance came in a little box with a portrait of a perfectly golden, flaky croissant, and the edges of the box had whimsical patterns in royal blue and beige. My first impression of the perfume was immediate adoration and fascination — combination of the high quality snapshot of the croissant and the groovy patterns evoked vibes of carefreeness and sophistication.

Crumb Couture comes in a chic, cylindrical bottle. The body of the bottle is a glassy, royal blue, and the cap is clear and glassy with stylish ridges running across the circumference. With “crumb couture” written all over the royal blue body of the bottle in a serifed, all-caps font, something about the fragrance bottle screams classy yet playful. The bottle is extremely friendly to have in hand or to carry around; I had no problem with throwing the bottle into my daily tote bag and carrying it around for reapplication throughout the day.

Isabelle Lee

The fragrance

Snif, the brand behind this baked perfume, describes the scent as “croissant accord • wild berry jam • blackcurrant • toasted vanilla • tonka bean • sandalwood.”

Upon the first spritz of Crumb Couture, the scent of sweet berries immediately bloomed forth. It was the kind of berries you’d imagine being mixed into fluffy blueberry pancakes, or maybe the berries used for a compote drizzled atop of sweet, carby breakfast goods. But beneath this bright, berry scent, there was something rich, comfy, and delicious that grounded the berries. Reminiscent of a familiar bakery or a luxurious baked good, Crumb Couture definitely served up comforting notes of croissant-y goodness. As my friend Sophie described, there was a nice and “carby” body to the fragrance.

I’m not sure if I would call Crumb Couture “the croissant perfume,” simply because I don’t want to dismiss the complexity of the fragrance. I was totally expecting a whack of butteriness from the perfume, but that wasn’t what I was getting at all. Instead, a lot of the bakery heaviness was lifted by the fruity scent, which made the fragrance lively and refreshing. I’m glad there was the berry element to the perfume rather than a pure buttery scent. In my opinion, I feel like a “pure croissant” perfume would be too heavy and too rich, being fitting only for the colder autumn and winter months. With the berries in the fragrance, there’s also an element of brightness and lightness that can make Crumb Couture a summertime or springtime fragrance as well.

Isabelle Lee

Overall, I loved Snif’s Crumb Couture fragrance. Who’d have thought of combining berries and croissants for a delightful olfactory experience? However, the scent does quickly go away, and reapplication throughout the day would definitely be wise for maintaining the deliciousness. For an air of romantic whimsicality married to mouth-watering comfort, a few spritz of Crumb Couture would be the perfect recipe.