St. Patrick's Day is coming up and as we all know, green is the theme. In addition to your adorable shamrock headbands, leprechaun hats, and pots of gold, why not decorate your table with some green foods that are in season? 

While eating fruits and vegetables in season is good for you, you can also help promote sustainable farming. Plus, while you can probably eat most of these year round, now is when they're at their ripest and have the most antioxidants

1. Avocado

avocado halves, avocado pit, avocado
Jocelyn Hsu

Avocados can be useful in a variety of ways. From avocado toast to vegan avocado brownies to simply just making guacamole, avocados are a healthy source of fat that can upgrade almost any meal. For those who are new to the avocado world and are buying them for the first time, here’s how to tell if an avocado is ripe and the many ways to cut an avocado depending on what you’re making.

2. Broccoli

broccoli, cabbage, vegetable, cauliflower
Kristine Mahan

Notorious for being every child's least favorite vegetable, these broccoli recipes will have everyone changing their minds. With many different ways to eat it besides the standard broccoli cheddar soup or roasted broccoli with Parmesan, you can get creative with this veggie and maybe try some easy flatbread pizza or cheesy broccoli tots!

3. Artichokes

artichoke, vegetable, pasture
Christin Urso

Everyone knows about the delicious spinach and artichoke dip, but how about a spinach and artichoke grilled cheese? High in antioxidants and fiber, artichokes come with a variety of benefits and are a highly underrated vegetable. Enjoy your spinach and artichoke pizza or spinach artichoke bites with few regrets.

4. Spinach

spinach, cabbage, salad, pasture, lettuce, vegetable
Caroline Ingalls

Combined with artichokes, spinach is delicious, but it can also hold its own. Whether you just want to sauté spinach or stuff a tomato with spinach and quinoa to impress, Spoon has all the help you need. You can even add spinach to a vegan smoothie to get all the iron benefits you need for the day.

5. Celery

Known for being the star of a veggie platter and always served with a side of ranch, celery will not only keep you hydrated as it gets hotter outside but also give you something to snack on while you're cramming for exams. It can also be used in a chopped salad or soup/vegetarian chili if it's still cold where you're living.

6. Asparagus

asparagus, vegetable, pasture, prussian asparagus
Ellen Gibbs

Another underrated vegetable, asparagus can taste amazing if you know how to cook it. If you're preparing it for a party, try wrapping it in puff pastry or even turning it into some tasty fries. Your guests will be getting their vitamin C intake as well as enjoying a festive green vegetable they're sure to love.

7. Brussels Sprouts

vegetable, cabbage, brussels sprout, sprouts, pasture, broccoli, salad
Lydia Eisenbeis

If you're new to the Brussels sprout gang, here's how to trim them and an easy recipe for beginners. If you're an accomplished Brussels sprout fan, here are some yummy recipes to make Brussel sprouts with garlic and butter, bacon, cheesy garlicky prosciutto, honey sriracha, and pumpkin spice. And if you're trying to get more creative and stray away from the normal roasted Brussels sprout, you can try this Brussels sprout hash or turn them into chips.

8. Cabbage

cabbage, salad, pasture, vegetable, lettuce, fresh vegetable, farmer's market, local vegetable
Sam Jesner

An essential component to any coleslaw, cabbage is one of the vegetables you'll definitely see at a St. Patty's Day parade. Cabbage can also be turned into sauerkraut (fermented) and with a variety of ways to enjoy it, this inexpensive vegetable won't seem cheaply served at your St. Patrick's Day party.

9. Bok Choy

vegetable, cabbage, pasture, bok choy, pak choy
Kristine Mahan

Bok Choy can be used to make a yummy stir fry or an immune-boosting soup if you have the sniffles this spring. It's also a rich source of vitamins A and C and calcium. As a college student, you can even add it to your instant ramen to make it not only classier, but better for you.

10. Kale

herb, vegetable, salad, parsley
Alex Tom

This dark green leafy vegetable isn't only an aesthetic for t-shirts - it also has a plethora of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. You can turn it into kale chips, add it to your new favorite smoothie, or eat it in a kale salad to reap all those benefits. And if none of those sound appealing to you, there are many more ways to enjoy this celebrity-endorsed veggie.

11. Lettuce

spinach, salad, vegetable, lettuce, Green, sink, Kitchen
Julia Gilman

Even though lettuce is the core component of many salads, it can be used for more than that. From Thai or Buffalo Chicken lettuce wraps to becoming the newest taco shell, lettuce can be used to cut carbs from your diet if you're trying to keep up that New Year's resolution of eating healthier. And if you'd rather save some plastic and buy the whole head yourself, here's how to quickly core a head of lettuce.

12. Cucumbers

cucumber, vegetable
Alex Frank

Cucumbers aren't only cooling and refreshing as it's getting hotter outside - they are also incredibly useful for eye masks, face masks, and infused water. They can also be used to make a simple salad, watermelon cucumber smoothie, or cucumber mint popsicles. Cucumbers can help kill bad breath or erase pen marks on paper. What can't they do?

13. Zucchini

vegetable, courgette, zucchini, cucumber, squash
Sophie Rodosky

Zucchini is becoming more and more popular with the creation of "zoodles" or zucchini noodles which can be made with or without a spiralizer. In addition to being a great replacement for traditional pasta in dishes or just another roasted vegetable, zucchini can also be used to make baked zucchini chips, zucchini bread, and chocolate zucchini muffins.

14. Basil

basil, relish, herb, vegetable
Brett Blee

Besides being one of every Italian's favorite herbs, basil can do much more than be included in a delicious pasta dish. From a simple pesto to a refreshing mango basil smoothie and delicious blueberry basil sorbet, basil can make any dish look and taste classier.

15. Limes

lime, juice, lemon, citrus
Kristen Carlstrom

In Florida, you know we love our citrus. From key lime salsa to blackberry lime cupcakes and chili lime chicken burgers, limes can add a burst of flavor to any dish you make for your St. Patrick's Day parties. You can even use these in-season limes to make easy honey lime chicken or watermelon and lime ice pops. Instead of a whole key lime pie, you can make these single serving key lime cookies. And to make sure you get every drop of juice out of a lime to make all these yummy recipes, we have a tutorial video to help you out.

16. Kiwi

sweet, juice, kiwi fruit
Kenny Rapaport

You can serve or eat this fruit fresh or add it to any of these delicious recipes. Up your presentation game with this kiwi flower or learn how to cut them to add them to any fruit salad. And if you didn't buy them far enough in advance to have them ripe for St. Patrick's Day, here are some tips to speed up the ripening process. Kiwis are also very beneficial and can even help you get smooth skin in these smoothie recipes or improve any açaí or smoothie bowl with their pop of (green) color.

17. Pear

pear, pasture, apple, quince, juice, sweet
Amber Holte

Full of fiber and sweetness, pears are easily one of the many underrated fruits. Besides being delicious fresh, they can also make any dish classy (check out this pear salad). You can also up your dessert game by making an apple pear crumble, pomegranate and pear delight or, my mom's favorite, the pear galette which just sounds fancy. Or make these easy banana pear muffins which are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast. Because they are picked before they are ripe, use this life hack to figure out when's the best time to be eating your pears or cooking with them at their maximum sweetness and juiciness. 

In Conclusion...

Don't be afraid to invite these fruits and veggies to your St. Patrick's Day parties. Put out the traditional cabbage dishes or celery and dip for your guests to enjoy and keep the party going. And for the rest of March and Spring, switch out your everyday vegetables for ones that are in season. You'll not only add new tastes to your palette but reap those health benefits and also help promote sustainable farming.